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Who’s The Boss?


Quick question: Do you think government should be run more like a business?

Now that you have an answer in your head, give this a thought…

Privately-owned businesses are like dictatorships, or at best monarchies.  The owners run things, their managers are appointed and everyone else works at the whims of the higher ups.  Even publicly-traded companies are like oligarchies, with the few controlling the many.  Yes, good owners and managers listen to the their employees when it makes sense to, but in the end the employees don’t get a vote – they do what the owner tells them to or they hit the highway.

For good or bad, like it or not, at the end of the day the owner’s word is the iron rule everyone else in the company lives by.

Do we really want our government run like that?

But “Wait!”, you say, “We The People are the owners of the government!  We’re the boss.  We make the decisions.  They work for us!”

So the real question of the day is: How’s that working out for ya?

If the government is your “employee” why are they not listening to you?  Would you put up with that from an employee?

If the government is your “employee” why are they forcing you to do things against your will?  Would you allow an employee to push you around like that?

If the government is your “employee” why do allow them to steal your money from you?  Would you overlook having a thief run your cash register?

If the government is your “employee” why do you allow them to make rules you have to live by?   Aren’t you the boss?

Well, if you want government to be run more like a business then you better start acting like a boss ’cause honestly you’re acting more like an employee.   And for that you deserve to be told what to do.  In fact, you probably deserve to be fired.   The more I think about it, the left probably is right: Americans don’t want to self-govern, they don’t want to be self-reliant, and they sure as hell don’t want to have to think too much.  Yep, most Americans (and that means most of you reading this), exemplify the Great American Employee (which is exactly what The Boss wants you to be).

See, most employees drag themselves to a job they hate and do the minimum amount of work they can get away with in order to collect a paycheck.  At the end of the day they go home and try to erase the last eight hours by “vegging out” on the latest mind-altering prescription drugs, alcohol, flat-screen TVs or a cocktail of all three.   Most employees don’t voluntarily (read: spend their own free time to) educate themselves in the intricacies of how the business they work for is run.  They don’t care about whether or not the company is headed in the right direction or going down the toilet.  Most employees – and especially those that are often the first and loudest to complain – don’t and won’t take any initiative to make things better beyond their own self interests.

Sounds an awful lot like the average voter to me.  Most don’t know a thing – nor do they want to know – about how the country’s run or how it should be run.  Most voters want to do the minimum amount of work to get one of those stupid “I Voted!” stickers, they want to complain (based on spoon-fed headlines), and they want to go home at the end of the day and let someone else solve the problems.  Most voters have about the same level of interest in their country as they do their job.

Good business owners don’t have that luxury.  If they want to be successful they know they have to educate themselves on how their business should be run.  If they want to be successful they have to be willing to put 16 or 18 hour days – for as long as it takes – to make their company a success.  If they want to be successful they know that complaining and whining never got a lick of work done.  If they want to be successful they have to be willing to risk everything they have to make it work.  And most importantly –  they know that when it really counts, when the game is on the line, when it’s their ass in the sling, you never ever trust anyone else to do what you can do yourself to take control of the situation.  To them it’s that important.  

That’s why they’re the boss and you’re not.

So.  Who’s the boss of the US?   Who’s running the show?   Do you know what it takes?   If not, are you willing to do what it takes to learn what it takes?   And then, are you willing to do it?

Or are you content with your voter’s paycheck of mindless participation in cheap beer, a hundred channels of crappy cable TV, CNN, FoxNews, the occasional steak dinner, and your super cool “I’m so important I have to have the latest” smartphones (which, by the way, are making you more stupid by the minute)?

Well, if that’s you, quit yer whining employee, and get back to work.  Your REAL BOSS is demanding his cut of your treasure and liberty, and he’ll throw your poor a$$ in jail if he doesn’t get it.


And no, I can’t tell what you it takes to learn how to be The Boss of our nation.  And no, I can’t tell what you should be doing to take an active part in the being The Boss.  I can tell you this: it ain’t voting, it ain’t protesting, and it ain’t in the media, conservative or otherwise.

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