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How To Commit Murder Using the Internet and OPM


There are three technologies in use today most people have never heard of that can change the world forever in the literal blink of an eye.

They are: TOR, Bitcoin, and crowdfunding.

TOR (pronounced ‘tore’) is a sophisticated, and largely successful, attempt at a completely anonymous Internet.  In light of recent news regarding identity theft, government snooping, viruses, and more, TOR is catching on even with average consumers and businesses.

Bitcoin is an anonymous digital currency that was invented and is now being used in all manners of trade outside of any government involvement or oversight. According to digital asset & blockchain daily news, unlike current governmental fiat currencies, Bitcoin was designed to be impossible to inflate (through, say, the printing press).  Currently one Bitcoin (BC) trades for roughly $600 US dollars.  Make no mistake about it, Bitcoin IS real money.  So real in fact, the US Senate is holding hearings on it this week.

Crowdfunding, while not so much itself a technology, is the use of the Internet to raise funds anonymously from like-minded folks all across the globe.  In other words, OPM.  Or, other people’s money.

Both TOR and Bitcoin use some seriously strong encryption to make their users virtually unidentifiable to all but the most determined snoopers.  It’s even unknown if the US government has the technical knowhow to get to the bottom of who’s doing what using these technologies.  But if the Obamacare website is any indication… well, I digress.

Needless to say without much effort one can easily imagine what could be done with complete anonymity and a currency that was completely untraceable along with the financial support of a group of like-minded folks also anonymously scattered across the globe.  Talk about instantly dissolving the only tool coercive governments have to maintain their power: the fear of reprisal through jail or the destruction of one’s wealth through taxation and inflation.

And if you can’t imagine what could be done, allow me to take it immediately to the extreme and introduce you to the Assassination Market, a TOR-based website where Bitcoin users can donate their Bitcoins to a crowdfund for the purpose of enticing assassins to murder political leaders the crowd believes are criminally corrupt.  The site owner, of course, takes a small percentage of the total fund, and the would-be killer collects the balance upon proving (s)he was the actual killer.

The site, the site’s owner, the donations, the donators, the killer, the proof, the money, and the payment transaction are all 100% anonymous and no one ever knows who is who, where they are, and who did what.

Yes, folks, this is real.

How do I know?  I read about it on the Business page at Forbes (you know, the financial magazine).  Seems the site’s owner contacted one of their authors to promote his site and why he thinks it’s not only a good idea but what he hopes to achieve by it.

It’s an interesting read and the link is below, but let’s cut to the chase, right?  Who’s on the list and what’s the bounty?

According to the Forbes article a few current bounties include 10BC ($6,000) for the murder of NSA director Keith Alexander, 40BC ($24,000) for the assassination of the President, and 124BC ($74,400) for life of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.  Oh, and the value of Bitcoin yesterday was 1BC/$500.  Today it’s 1BC/$600. And there is speculation that by the end of the year it will 1BC/$1,000.  That’s starting to become serious money for rank amateurs and worth a look to the professionals.

But things may not be as they seem.  Are they ever?  We do live in an age where conspiracy theories turn into conspiracy facts on a daily basis…

Knowing just the small amount of information I gave you above one could easily jump to the conclusion this whole thing could be a sting operation intended to catch bad guys who would fall for this sort of thing.  Or, it could be a false flag; an attempt to get the public to support the government’s attempts to make TOR and Bitcoin illegal by playing out some evil plan so they can say, “See! This is why we have to shut this stuff down! It’s for our safety!”

But here’s the rub.  TOR, Bitcoin, crowdsourcing, and the Internet in general are nothing more TOOLS.  Just like a firearm is nothing more than a tool.  And just like a firearm, or any other tool, these tools can be used for GOOD and EVIL.  So whether the site is real or a cooked-up government plot doesn’t really matter.  The tools these people are using are NOT the issue, even if the conservative “I don’t care if it right we have to stop this” crowd says they are.  Don’t let cognitive dissonance get the best of you here, folks.

The two things that DO matter are this.

If TOR and Bitcoin are made illegal based on fear mongering by imbecilic Congress Critters to ignorant citizens in the name of safety, we ALL lose a bit more choice, freedom, and liberty in the exercise of our rights to privacy, private property and free speech.

But the truly important (and scary) thing is this: Real or not, yes, folks we have arrived at the point in our nation where somebody thinks they have something to gain by anonymously crowdsourcing assassination.  And the technology is already in place.

God help us all.


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