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NC’s Ada Fisher Announces Bid for RNC Co-Chair


In my former involvement with the North Carolina Republican party I often witnessed blatant corruption. What I found the most offensive, though, were the activities of those who were elected on the basis of “anti-establishment” roots whose actions then failed to match their rhetoric. One such example is Dr. Ada Fisher, NCGOP’s 2-term 11th commandment Committee Woman to the RNC.

I voted for Dr. Fisher in her reelection bid during the GOP conventions of 2012. My first indication that all might not be as it appears with Dr. Fisher came a few months later during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. The RNC rules of operation were manipulated, broken, and changed to match the establishment’s desired outcome. Delegates’ votes were stolen in acts of voter fraud which included, but was certainly not limited to, North Carolina’s delegation. Dr. Fisher initially portrayed herself as an opponent of the egregious Tampa acts, but when it came down to crunch time she failed to appear at a meeting that she, herself, had organized to discuss the matter. Fisher instead turned the meeting over to then-Chairman Robin Hayes, who proceeded to force the establishment’s will on the NC delegation.

I wrote about the situation in the description of this video (video of the delegation-bullying meeting) and noted Dr. Fisher’s MIA status. Ada Fisher wrote off these concerns with feigned offense, claiming that she did not attend her own meeting because she was busy elsewhere at the time defending the integrity of the RNC rules on behalf of NC’s delegation.

The corruption of 2012 was followed by an entire year of grassroots activists petitioning the Republican National Committee to recognize and correct the mistakes of 2012 that left so many of its participants feeling robbed and violated. During that time I witnessed Ada Fisher’s failure to properly represent the North Carolina GOP’s expressed, written intent relating to the situation, though she continued to communicate that she “stood for the grassroots.” Dr. Fisher even went so far as to outright lie to the North Carolina GOP Executive Committee about her vote on an RNC amendment in order to conceal her support for the corrupt ways of the establishment power brokers. Here’s my video which documented that ordeal.

“Accountability” is a 4-letter word

Following the release of documentation showing that Ada Fisher had lied about how our state’s vote was cast, the NCGOP 3rd district ex. comm. passed a formal measure requesting that the NCGOP investigate the matter and determine a proper course of action. I sat in a meeting of the 3rd district and witnessed NCGOP Chairman Claude Pope deny that he’d received a copy of the request that had been delivered to his office by certified mail as well as emailed to him. In response, one member handed him a copy of the request for action and accountability, ensuring then that he had undeniably received it. So what happened? The NCGOP Central Committee, the highest committee of the North Carolina Republican Party, established a 5-member “review committee,” and proceeded to sweep the matter under the rug.

Big Announcement!

The above-described outcome was good news for Dr. Ada Fisher, as she is now able to pursue her ambitions for higher office! In a recent email to her RNC colleagues, Dr. Fisher writes that she is running for the position of RNC Co-Chair:

“As I announced to many at our last meeting of the RNC, I would like to serve in the capacity of the RNC Co-Chair.  North Carolina has been busy trying to insure that we delivered for our state and candidates.  We got Thom Tillis across the threshold in a senatorial contest where pundits and predictors got it wrong but we knew we could do it and  did so with the help of the RNC.   That race was won.  Thank you for your help. 

…We need to win the Presidency in 2016 and retain our gains in the US Senate and US House.  I can best help you do this with my common sense approach which is  attuned to the Heartbeats of America.  I hope that two votes from three states per our rules will be given me so that I can state and make my case for the job as our 2016-2018 RNC Co-Chair.  Thank you for your consideration and support of me.
Ada M. Fisher, MD, MPH
NC Republican National Committeewoman”

Here is a link to the candidacy announcement/campaign document from Dr. Fisher, which was attached to her above-referenced email:

It’s a good thing the NC-GOP doesn’t find it appropriate to hold its own party representatives accountable, as an ugly record stain such as a censure from the party could have presented an obstacle for Dr. Fisher’s candidacy. Good luck, Dr. Fisher!

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