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Five RINOs Ride The “Greenie Gravy Train”


Solar_Farm-webLast week NC House Bill 681, sponsored by Representatives Millis, Hager, Collins and Warren, was voted on once in committee but halted for now at least.  This bill is a conservative “no brainer” but five Republican RINOs (the new Fab Five) killed it for reasons that will be revealed.  We can’t identify why these five would perpetuate these renewable energy ponzi schemes.  What’s in it for them?  The taxpayers lose.

HB 681, among other things, provides a way to “sunset” renewable energy mandates like solar farms.  Current renewable energy standards require NC utilities to be generated from renewable sources such as solar and wind farms, and biomass.  The current production requirements will gradually increase from 3% to 12.5% by 2021.  This common sense bill proposes to level the required production at 6% until 2018 at which time the requirements would end.  Solar farm production, wind turbines, etc. are all highly federally subsidized.  There is also a 35% State tax credit associated with these projects.  Without these subsidies, it simply isn’t profitable for the private sector to build these projects.  A return on investment would take decades to realize.  For instance, with government subsidized sustainable energy projects like solar farms, ONLY two entities profit; the land owner and the solar company.  Energy can not be stored and must be used as it is produced.  NO SAVINGS are passed on to the consumer.  Additionally, valuable farm land that once was used to grow food for TRUE sustainability is squandered. The sustainable energy game is merely an Agenda 21 trap set to snare a few RINOs and most Democrats for all the wrong reasons.

Our source tells us that Representatives Kelly Hastings (Cleveland), Nelson Dollar (Wake), John Bradford (Mecklenburg), Sam Watford (Davidson), and Chris Malone (Wake) found that snare and opposed this bill.  Hastings went out of his way on Facebook to defend his stance, arguing with constituents and citizens around the State.  They just wanted to understand why he wanted to continue subsidizing this liberal liberty squelching concept, a waste of the taxpayers’ money.

Hastings clearly has no solid reasoning here.  In one Facebook exchange Representative John Blust (Guilford) pointed out to Hastings that his earlier claim, he needed more time to find out “what’s in the bill”, sharply conflicts with his claim that his vote will save jobs in Cleveland County.  He also claimed the bill to be “too liberal”.  We find this laughable since this bill is the antithesis of liberal ideology designed to rid the taxpayers of this Liberal Progressive scheme.  Corporate welfare is NOT a conservative principle, Mr. Hastings.  Renewable energy mandates are subsidies that lines the pockets of only a few.  Mr. Hastings, the citizens of this State are paying for those subsidies and your boys in Cleveland County (and others) are riding the “Greenie Gravy Train”.

When asked “Will you pledge not to take any campaign contributions from any solar/alternative energy companies” his reply was, “it’s illegal for state candidates in N.C. to take campaign contributions from corporations and from lobbyists”. We replied,“Yes, but political committees/individuals connected with this industry…there are always strings attached”.  His noncommittal and snide reply was, “When you get the courage to run, you can decide how you want to handle your campaign.”  

It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in.  If you have nothing to hide and your motives are pure, there’s no need to argue with your constituents regarding your vote.  Vote on your conscience, conservative principles, and the best available evidence.  There’s something fishy when five Republicans oppose a bill that will save taxpayer money and eliminate subsidies.  It’s been said, “All conservatives aren’t Republicans and all Republicans aren’t conservative”.  This bill will be “reconsidered” at a later date.  We hope these five remember between now and then why they were elected.  We also hope you, as taxpayers, will call and express your concern and ask them to reconsider when the vote comes up again.  Remind them that anyone can be replaced. 

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