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Gaston Commissioners Vote Themselves Lifetime Medical Benefits

Gaston Fat Cat Politicians

Gaston Fat Cat Politicians

We were brought up to believe people are elected to public office to serve the people. Further, the people hired to operate the various departments of government should also be there to serve the public. Unfortunately, the power that is inherent in these positions requires the highest moral character in order to ensure proper actions and behavior. Recent actions by the Gaston County Commission, acting on the recommendation of the County Manager, tells the people that morality is sorely lacking. They should all, including and especially the Manager Earl Mathers, be turned out.

Mr. Mathers recommended to the county commissioners that they vote themselves lifetime medical benefits. To a man, they did. First we might wonder what strange and wonderful prescription Mr. Mathers is taking which makes him imagine this is something which serves the people of Gaston County. It does not. It serves only to improve the position of the political class at the expense of the people. Further, it is a long term recurring cost, which will grow every year, and end up costing the taxpayers more than $2,000,000 per year as new commissioners become eligible for the free ride. This is a very poor recommendation and for such, Mr. Mathers should do the only honorable thing and offer his resignation. Otherwise, he should be fired.

As we can’t immediately fire the county commissioners for their actions I recommend doing to them individually what they are attempting to do to the taxpayers…hit them in the pocketbook.

Mr. Tracy Philbeck, the chair of the commission, runs his own business. Stop doing business with him. If he is a customer of yours, turn him away or offer him special commissioner pricing – twice the price and half the product. He is from Dallas, his company is Treescape and his cell phone is 704 617 3087.

Mr. Mickey Price works for CVS as a manager. I don’t know which store, but CVS needs to know what the people think. Avoid doing business at any CVS. He is from Belmont, and his home phone number is: 704-825-8280.

Mr. Jason Williams should know how much an annuity can cost, he works for an insurance company. He is from Gastonia and works for Ewing Insurance. Perhaps it is time to find a new agent. Check your prices against the competition because his actions on council lead me to believe he certainly lacks in the morality department. Find him at: 704-813-4469.

Mr. Chad Brown works for a steel company in Charlotte and Mr. Joe Carpenter is retired. They obviously need to find the prices and services they get from Gaston County residents reflective of their attitudes towards the residents. Mr. Brown is from Stanley and may be contacted at 704-516-8017. Mr. Carpenter claims Kings Mountain and uses: 704-867-7716.

Mr. Allen Fraley is from Cherryville and is an independent real estate agent. Most surely he has plenty of competition, use them. Call him and tell him you’re going to: 704-813-4830.

Finally we come to Mr. Tom Keigher. Now here is an interesting case. The latest reports have him saying he waffled before raising his hand to vote in the affirmative for this morally reprehensible action. Yes, he waffled but went along with the other miscreants which means his morals are too weak to be representative of the people. He is from Gastonia, works as a partner in the Conner Financial Group as a Medicare insurance specialist. He should know what these type actions cost the people, and may have seen the light, but vote for it he did. Find him at 704-864-2797.

All these gentlemen (and I use the term VERY loosely) have exhibited a complete lack of the discernment which should be the most critical part of the makeup of a person who holds himself out to represent the people.

There are three actions they can take to try to redeem themselves morally: Fire the manager if he doesn’t resign. Rescind the reprehensible order and then resign.
Otherwise, their pretense at being qualified to represent others is only that, pretense.

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