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An Invested Population Doesn’t Riot


Let me generalize. Many people are Democrats, some believe in democracy. Many people are Republicans, some believe in a republic. Those who register Independent or third party find neither of the two major parties to their liking. People of majority northern European ancestry, if registered to vote, are Democrats, Republican or Independent. People of African ancestry, if registered to vote, are not usually Republican. Those of Hispanic disposition are similar. So……what, if anything does this tell us?

In all these groups there are more things similar than different. Most people want a home, transportation, an income, a family, friends, and ways to accomplish the things they need or believe in. We all have a history which either enhances our chances or makes life tougher or, sometimes, both. All of which is important to the following thoughts.

Recently there were riots in Baltimore. For many pundits, who didn’t riot and who don’t live in Baltimore, the question they attempt to answer is “why”.  Being one to follow the crowd, I thought I’d jump in.

First comes Mr. Eric Frazier to use the Baltimore riots as an opportunity to scratch old scars and enhance the liberal agenda of attacking some amorphous ‘other’. Make no mistake, what Mr. Frazier does is no different than the homosexual advocates who attack anyone who does not pretend to support their position. Attacking others for having a different opinion is the game of the liberal/progressives – the Communitarians. Have a belief that is not of their choosing – they will attempt to put you out of a job or shut your business. They make it clear they do not believe in freedom of speech, press, or religion. They believe in making you kowtow to them. Back to Mr. Frazier and his self-serving tirade.

Approximately 5 generations ago, slavery, as a legal institution, ceased in the United States. Vestiges of it continued on but are mostly non-existent. A war was fought which ended it. Some say slavery caused the war, others say it, as most wars, was about economics and taxes. In any case, the War of Northern Aggression pitted one part of the country against another. People on the losing side didn’t like that they lost, while the northerners, Yankees if you will, abused those of the south for decades, even generations. Many in the south continue to be proud of their heritage and the losing side and so they show the Confederacy’s Battle Flag in memory and for other reasons. Mr. Frazier, as all good progressives, holds that against them, as if it makes them mean or racist. But what is he doing in trying to stop them? He is being mean and abusive of their belief, yet he wants them to be accepting of his. BAH.

Let us go on. Mr. Frazier writes that the high out of wedlock birthrates, the lack of marriage, etc, is the fault of slavery. Bah again. Mr. Frazier should do some investigation. These numbers coincide with the advent of government programs to help the poor. Fifty years ago, African Americans had stronger families and were doing well. What really happened? It wasn’t slavery or Jim Crow – perhaps it is too much government.

Mr. Frazier thinks we should solve the problems of the inner city. Baltimore would be a good place to start. OK! Let’s give them a black mayor, black police chief, a high percentage of African Americans on the police force, and see if that helps. Oh, they tried that. Didn’t help. So what does Mr. Frazier offer besides complaints. NOTHING.

I will offer him and his whining brethren this: Get off your duff and work. But there are No jobs. Now that is a different problem and I will tell you this for a fact: those people in Baltimore who rioted were not invested in the city; they just live there. I know many African Americans who work for a living, many who work with me and own their own small businesses making $50,000 to $110,000 per year. They were not rioting and didn’t like it that others were. Further, the only thing racist about the whole thing is what set it off; the unwarranted death, by police, of ANOTHER black man. But if the people had an interest in a viable economy, they wouldn’t have been away from work or home, tearing things up.

So what would give them this interest? Jobs and family members who have jobs. This is one of the things Obama referred to. Unfortunately Obama is not trying to do the things which create jobs but IS doing those things which make jobs harder for the private sector to create – more rules, regulations, laws, and taxes. So I suggest the answer to Baltimore is less government. Mr. Jay Steinmetz, a Baltimore business owner writes about this in Monday’s Wall St. Journal.

And while I’m preaching, many young people are in jail and/or have criminal records because our country has made recreational drugs illegal. I can’t tell you how many men have asked me about a job but because they have something on their record, 5 or 10 years old, they can’t be hired. It’s stupid. They want to work, but their record precludes it. Why? Because if the man is hired and is involved in a wreck, (I’m in the trucking business) the tort lawyers will use his record to steal every dime they can from the company. So we can’t take the chance. So thank the tort lawyers and the criminal code on top of a bunch of politicians and bureaucrats who make creating jobs more and more difficult.

And further, why do these men have a criminal record to start with: because making recreational drugs illegal makes the profits exorbitant and so they think they can make some money dealing drugs. They were working at something which was available to them to make money. A JOB.

Let us make working easier for all who want to, get rid of government regulations, and reduce taxes. See what happens then. We’ve tried more government, it fails every time.

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