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Bastiat Society Debate on Net Neutrality

Join The Bastiat Society’s Charlotte chapter on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at Hance Auditorium at Johnson & Wales University for a debate on net neutrality!
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Have you wondered about the nature of the net neutrality regulations and their implications for liberty? We’re excited to present a debate between featuring scholar Brent Skorup of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and Charlotte attorney Brian Focht, author of the The Cyber Advocate law blog. This is a hot topic in law, economics, and technology. Brian Focht will speak in favor of the recent regulations promulgated  by the Federal Communications Commission, while Brent Skorup will question them from a liberty perspective.
The event is open to the public and free. Bring a friend!
We are also planning our upcoming events for the next few months, including one on Bitcoin. We’d love to hear your ideas for new speakrs and topics, so drop us a line when you get a chance!
Don’t forget! You can follow The Bastiat Society of Charlotte on Twitter here and on Facebook here.
Jim Dedman
Chapter Director
The Bastiat Society of Charlotte

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