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Our America Initiative Will Sue Commission on Presidential Debates

Two sides of the same coin.

Two sides of the same coin.

I’ve made it no secret over the past year or two that I have become completely disillusioned with the two Party duopoly that currently controls our political system.  Politics is a complex beast and there are clearly more than two political philosophies.  Why we allow just two to dominate the debate is beyond me.  It is a disservice to democracy.  (Yes, yes, we aren’t a democracy, but we do vote.  It would be great if people could be more informed about their true options.)

The release I will print below is a bit over two months old, but I just stumbled upon it when a friend forwarded it to me.  Apparently there is a lawsuit being filed against the Commission on Presidential Debates by former candidates from 3rd parties who were purposefully excluded from debates.  The Commission is a nonprofit corporation controlled by the Democratic and Republican parties and has run each of the presidential debates held since 1988.

In 2000, the CPD established a rule that for a party to be included in the national debates it must garner at least 15% support across five national polls. How is this realistically possible when the candidates from the other parties are denied coverage and participation?

The following release outlines the details of Our America Initiative:

The Our America Initiative has just released a powerful video exposing the fraud of the privately-owned Commission on Presidential Debates, the organization that unjustly took over hosting the main presidential debates after the League of Women Voters permanently dropped their support. The video chronicles one of the greatest social movements of our time, that is rallying alternative parties and independents throughout the nation towards a common goal. Lack of representation or adequate choice during presidential elections is no coincidence. It is the product of tyranny and corruption at the highest levels of our government, that has unjustly stripped the prestige and integrity from the electoral process.

“Our America Initiative has presented a glimpse of the coming struggle to break the corruption within the Commission on Presidential Debates and realign American politics with the original constructs of the constitution.”
– Judge Jim Gray (2012 Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate)

OAI will be leading a historical lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates. The plaintiffs will be 2012 presidential & vice presidential candidates from the Libertarian Party, Green Party, Justice Party, and more. This bold, united coalition of people from across the political spectrum demands systemic change to an unfair process that is treated as untouchable territory by the establishment media and political ruling class.

The video features interviews and quotes from experts in the field: Congressman John Lewis, Frank Page (University of Utah), David Broder (Washington Post), Walter Cronkite, and more. It also features footage from Free and Equal Elections Foundation’s historic 2012 open presidential debate, moderated by Larry King; the only 2012 presidential debate that gave Americans a chance to hear from more than just two candidates.

“The proposed lawsuit from Our America Initiative, paired with the initiatives of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, are essential to the movement for real democracy and real solutions. In stark contrast to the bipartisan establishment, these organizations present America with more political choices, more political voices. A majority of U.S. adults say a 3rd major political party is needed [1]. Towards this end, the American people have the right to hear from the full spectrum of their choices, so we can begin to secure a government that is truly of, by and for the people!”
– Dr. Jill Stein (2012 Green Party presidential candidate)

The video documents how similar Obama and Romney were on the issues in the main 2012 presidential debates. The campaigns of each candidate sign a contract that essentially makes the debate superficial and scripted while also explicitly banning alternative party and independent candidates from participating in the debates, even if they meet the CPD’s criteria. Given the state of the world, would things really be any different if Romney were elected president?

Refreshing political platforms and concepts from alternate candidates have the capacity to disrupt the political roadblock America has been driven into via duopoly. If these bearers of novel political platforms, such as Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, or Rocky Anderson had a chance to be heard by the millions of citizens that the CPD debates reaches, they would ignite an extensive shift in consciousness at all levels ofour nation; a shift characterized largely by integrity, honesty, and innovation.

OAI is a 501(c)(4) non-partisan political advocacy organization that seeks to redefine the liberty movement in America by restoring liberty, personal responsibility and economic freedom.

Free and Equal Elections Foundation’s 2015 United We Stand Festival, slated to take place this Fall in Colorado, is a kickoff for a series of 2016 open presidential debates to give Americans the open electoral process they deserve.

[1]: Jones, Jeffrey (24 September 2014). “Americans Continue to Say a Third Political Party Is Needed”. Gallup.

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