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Race Baiters Converge on Winston-Salem Ahead of Federal Trial


We’ve just learned that Monday will kick off an astroturf spectacle in front of the federal courthouse in Winston-Salem after the first day of court for North Carolina’s trial of the century: The lawsuits against NC over measures to prevent vote fraud. The Left is so afraid of these common-sense reforms that several organizations funded by George Soros and (his NC equivalent) Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation are trying to change the discussion from vote fraud to Jim Crow rising from the dead…only he’s not a Democrat this time around.

Anyway, they’ve branded it as “our Selma,” as they’ve reached out far and wide to recruit race agitators, public school teachers, college professors and well-meaning sympathizers from all across the nation to converge in NC to fight what they’re calling the “voter suppression” laws enacted by the first GOP-controlled government in NC since the 1898 Wilmington Riots drove
the Fusionists out of power and ushered in NC’s 114-year Democrat/KKK control. (If unfamiliar with the riots, here is a PBS link.)

Voter Integrity Project-NC will have much to say about the merits of the issues raised in the trial, so be on the lookout.


Quite a few “progressive” organizations have coordinated promotion of this event to stoke the flames of racism and distract the public from vote fraud (which is what these laws are really about). Until 2012, NC’s single-party rulers rigged a complex system full of fraud-friendly election laws, designed to make it very difficult to detect and to prove fraud. After VIP-NC cracked their cypher, the District Attorneys began dragging their feet in prosecuting any of the cases (answering the “if a tree falls in the woods” argument once and for all). Anyway, the Republicans had several areas
of fraud they wanted to tamp down quickly, without disenfranchising any lawful voters and they were good moves, all within the norms of what other states have done.

Here’s the Plaintiffs’ logic…a law that’s been on the books forever in places like NY and NJ are somehow “racist” if NC enacts the same measure. Their problem is that all of these laws make sense are reasonable safeguards and it scares the “progressives” that they may catch on in other states with concerns about enterprise-level vote fraud.

This first link is a flier which shows how various Winston Salem city council members promoted “non-partisan” community forums in every W-S City Council ward there is (except for the single Republican one) and tied it into promoting the “Mass Moral Monday March for Voting Rights” publicity events. (NB: Winston Salem is a “sanctuary city,” very relevant to the current
national debate stirred up by Donald Trump.)

This link ( shows the schedule of events they’ve had this past week, in prep for those participating in Monday’s 5 PM parade and rally. For example, Thursday night, the local Unitarian Church promoted the film, “Ferguson: A Report from Occupied Territory,” at the town’s local historical black college, Winston Salem State University. While the trial is going on, Monday, the same “community organizer” spirit that tore up Ferguson and Baltimore will host a “teach in” with topics such as, “Racial Violence & Criminal
(In)justice: From Selma to Charleston.” Later on Monday, after roping in their audience with racism, they will transition to the messages of their benefactors: “The Fight for Economic Justice & Living Wages” and “Building Coalitions to Sustain a Social Justice Movement.”

Aside from all that indoctrination, we just learned of a robust schedule of events they’ve promoted all week in the various wards of W-S, to culminate with their mass rally. They are trying to hijack public opinion by branding vote fraud mitigation as “code” for racism. Their best hope for winning in the courtroom lies in intimidating Judge Thomas Schroeder into caving in their costly and ill-advised legal actions. Here is the LINK promoting their training.


At the opening day of last summer’s preliminary hearing on these lawsuits, MSNBC actually set up a live studio in front of the federal court house. No kidding! It was like Howie, JB and Terry at halftime of a big football game!

So we have every reason to believe the “progressives” will be pulling out all the stops on this one.

More to come as we cover the proceedings.

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