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Cabarrus Conservative Alliance Visits with Rep. Richard Hudson’s Office

Constituents meet at their Congressman's office.

Constituents meet at their Congressman’s office.

This past Friday, August 14th, Cabarrus Conservative Alliance along with more than a dozen fellow citizens of NC District 8 met at the Concord office of their Representative Richard Hudson and were discussing about earning through using the office space franchise opportunity. Unfortunately, Mr. Hudson himself could not meet with us due to a prior family commitment. However, his Chief of Staff Chris Carter graciously met with us for more than an hour to hear our concerns and share Mr. Hudson’s positions.

Our three main concerns were: (1) defunding Planned Parenthood to stop the taxpayer funded slaughter of the unborn and the ghoulish subsequent selling of their body parts; (2) stopping the Iran Treaty in order to prevent a nuclear Iran which would cost the lives of untold millions of Americas as well as wipe the nation of Israel off the face of the earth; and (3) public support of the Meadows’ Motion to Vacate which would replace the failed leadership of Speaker John Boehner with an effective leader who would not make the same disastrous compromises and capitulations to our current lawless Administration.

Chief of Staff Carter stated several times that Representative Hudson understands why we are so upset and shares our concerns because he is “just as angry and frustrated” as we ourselves are. However, as all of the attendees pointed out, WE are angry and frustrated because we do not see Representative Hudson upholding his campaign pledges nor do we see him taking any sort of stand against the Establishment GOP Leadership. We also understand that were he to do so, Richard Hudson would find himself just as persona non grata as his fellow Representatives Mark Meadows and Walter Jones. However, this is the ONLY way that Mr. Hudson can maintain our support. The general feeling was that not a single one of us who attended this meeting would expect any less of ourselves, were we in the Representative’s shoes, nor can we expect any less than this minimum standard from him.

Chief of Staff Carter also argued the positive points in the Legislation that Richard Hudson has voted for and with which we strongly disagree, such as Cromnibus and TPA. However, as several attendees pointed out, our opposition to such votes is not based solely on the merit of the Legislation but also on the methods used to get such measures passed. There was no call to “study,” “investigate,” “educate,” or “make our case to the public” over these votes. The GOP just rammed them through regardless of what their constituency wanted. However when it comes to defunding Planned Parenthood or stopping the Iran Treaty, these are the useless stall tactics that will be employed. And then, under the failed leadership of John Boehner, we will see Planned Parenthood continued to be funded and the Iran Treaty ratified.

Chief of Staff Carter proudly touted Representative Hudson as being the 12th Most Conservative House Member. However, as one attendee pointed out, there is no excuse for Representative Hudson not being the most Conservative when it comes to the low standards of his fellow Representatives. Grading systems (such as this one which lists Steve Chabot of Ohio as “the most Conservative”) are easily manipulated based on the philosophy of the organizations compiling the data. The Constitutionally based Liberty Score which gives Rep. Chabot a grade of 80 also gives Richard Hudson the inexcusable score of 57. This places Representative Hudson’s Constitutional score 2 points below his La Raza score of 59!

When faced with disagreement over Mr. Hudson’s actions, Mr. Carter would state that, agree or disagree, “Representative Hudson always votes his principles.” However, one attendee then asked exactly what these “principles” were, because in the case of the agricultural bill, these principles were definitely not Constitutional, and in the case of Planned Parenthood funding (through Cromnibus) these principles are definitely not biblical.

When the Meadow’s Motion was brought up in the discussion, Mr. Carter used the excuse that Meadows only wanted to “open a dialogue” and was not seeking an actual vote. However, one attendee confronted this by stating that he, himself, had personally called to Representative Meadows’ office and was told point blank that “Representative Meadows is VERY serious about this Motion and is seeking support” from his fellow Representatives.

When pressed on any of these issues, Chief of Staff Chris Carter stated that he “cannot put words in Congressman Hudson’s mouth” to offer any further defense or explanation. Therefore, since further explanation is obviously needed, we call upon Representative Richard Hudson to host a Town Hall meeting in the remaining three weeks of his August recess. The fact that he has not already done so is baffling and troubling, given that many of his fellow Representatives are hosting up to three events a week. Mr. Hudson, it is not too much to ask that you host one such event for the benefit of the constituents from whom you so earnestly want to hear.

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