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Left’s “New Guard” Still Fighting Wrong Enemy


In the July 22 edition of Creative Loafing, Mr. Charles Easley goes on a tirade about the changing of the guard of what he considers outdated social standards.  He ends by quoting from a letter written by America Ferrara: “You, Mr. Trump, are living in an outdated fantasy of a bigoted America. Last week, America celebrated some amazing milestones – marriage equality, universal healthcare, removal of the Confederate flag – making it clear which direction the country is moving.”

I found Mr. Easley’s points typical of a leftist: cherry picking his points in his delusion of liberalism.

Consider this. Those who support his point of view generally vote for Democrats. Democrats are notorious for fighting charter schools, vouchers, and anything which might cause change to the public school system bureaucratic nightmare visited upon the poor and minorities. Democrats fight to keep the poor from choosing which type of education they desire, but they are allowed to choose a gay marriage partner. That is Easley’s liberalism. It is called protect the teacher’s union.

There are companies like Uber which Democrats are busy trying to stifle with regulations in order to keep the old guard of cab companies protected from competition. These new companies are innovating and giving people new ways to make money, which would make the old guard cab companies have to change to stay in business. Mr. Easley’s Democrats will have none of that. They’re busy protecting themselves from a piece of red, white, and blue cloth: a symbol. That must be what’s holding them back.

Perhaps Mr. Easley supports the aims of the ImMoral Monday crowd. Well why?  Does he like the free rides which the Immoral Monday gangs seek to keep for themselves.

The list of things those on the left seek for free, or in order to keep their economic position at the expense of others, goes on and on, yet Mr. Easley imagines something wrong with those who don’t agree with his mindset.

When Mr. Easley can address the issues which hurt the poor and minorities, when he can support change that helps those who most need a good education to get a good education; when he can support policies that encourage new jobs for those who need them, some of which are in opposition to the unions and their ilk, then he might be taken seriously. Otherwise, his is just another voice, pretending he believes in helping the downtrodden while his actions speak otherwise.

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