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I am a Canadian born American Citizen, tired of big government and political corruption. My position is political by ramification but non-partisan by intent. I am a working man, trying to protect the rights of North Carolina workers, in our right to work state. I have personally seen the damage unionization can bring and understand that our jobs are one of our most important resources. Increasing our cost of labor will drive more of our jobs out of this country. I am a conservative that is trying to survive in a cesspool of corruption, lies, and the Marxist leaning actions of our current leadership. View my blog at

My Real Life Involvement With Labor Unions

I hope that reading this will give you some insight on what is about to happen to North Carolina: I began to blog in an effort to bring to light the crookedness and deception involved in the distribution of work for the DNC 2012 in Charlotte, NC.  Our “Obama-lite” mayor, Anthony Foxx, had publicly told the City […]

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