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Nicole Revels is a North Carolina news journalist and "documentarian" who has contributed to the Beaufort Observer, the Roanoke-Chowan Herald, Ben Swann, and others. Keep up with her work here.

Say NO to the $2 billion crony bond

The following op/ed originally ran in the Sanford Herald: On your March 15 primary election ballot is a “Connect NC” proposal to borrow $2 billion. This proposal was adopted by state legislators and is now subject to final approval from voters.  Several representatives who voted against the bond have called the proposal a “Christmas tree” for pork barrel […]

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NC Sheriff Assault Caught on Video

The following video is the account a North Carolina man who lost over 2 years of his life serving time in prison on a false accusation and the subsequent harassment that he has encountered from local government officials since being cleared of any wrongdoing by the North Carolina Court of Appeals and released from prison. […]

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NC’s Ada Fisher Announces Bid for RNC Co-Chair

In my former involvement with the North Carolina Republican party I often witnessed blatant corruption. What I found the most offensive, though, were the activities of those who were elected on the basis of “anti-establishment” roots whose actions then failed to match their rhetoric. One such example is Dr. Ada Fisher, NCGOP’s 2-term “11th commandment“ […]

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I-77 Lead Design Firm has Prior Record of Defrauding Taxpayers

Defrauding the federal government, and in turn the United States taxpayers, out of tens of millions of dollars: not exactly the kind of record that instills confidence in the NC-DOT’s chosen design firm for the I-77 HOT lanes scheme. Page 251 of the 923-page I-77 HOT lanes agreement names the Louis Berger Group, Inc. as […]

November 15, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,Char-Meck Beat,House Guests | Read More »

Asthmatics Remain Huffy with Obama Administration

Asthma sufferers in the United States have become a casualty of the EPA’s war on emissions. Many used to rely on the Primatene Mist asthma inhaler for emergency relief from an asthma attack, but the product emits chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which, according to the UN, are a major contributor to Ozone Depletion. In an attempt to […]

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NC Pension Money Given to Tillis PAC Financier in 2013, Not Disclosed on State Treasury Report

I’ve written in the past about the seemingly cozy relationship between NC House Speaker Thom Tillis and NC Treasurer Janet Cowell. In addition to personal endorsements of the Treasurer, Tillis not only oversaw legislation requested by Cowell, he voted to ensure its passage. The state legislation increased the percentage of NC pension money that Cowell […]

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Coming from a Conservative: Citizens United has Screwed Us

Citizens United is a big problem for those of us who like transparency in government. Yes, I do believe that individuals or groups should be able to spend as much as they want promoting any candidate whom they so choose. However, we the public should have access to information on from where that money has […]

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Cornelius: NCDOT Presents HOT Lanes Plan

Residents attended the July 7 meeting of the Cornelius Board of Commissioners after learning that the NC-DOT was scheduled to present their plan for the construction of i-77 HOT lanes. Citizens expressed concerns over the cost of the tolls, invoking the term “lexus lanes” as an illustration that the HOT lanes would generate a policy […]

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Common Core in NC: What’s Happening?

Recap on Common Core: The main issue is grant funding that was given to our state with strings attached. The Race to the Top Phase II federal grant mandated the implementation of standards common to a majority of states. The RttT agreement was a 3-part initiative: common standards, student data mining, & school reform/transformation – […]

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NCGA Chambers Battle Over Sale of NC Ocean Jurisdiction

Through a provision within the House-proposed state budget, some NC lawmakers are urging the adoption of a Joint Enforcement Agreement (JEA) between NC Marine Patrol and the federal government. Adoption of the agreement would mean that the NC Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) will receive federal funds (previously estimated at $150,000 – $200,000 annually) in […]

June 23, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas | Read More »

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