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Fern Shubert is a CPA, a writer, a former town manager, state Representative and state Senator, and was a candidate for Governor in 2004. Her accounting background has helped her “follow the money” and she was among the first to raise warnings about Jim Black and Mike Easley, warnings since proven valid. In addition to being elected Senate Republican Whip as a freshman Senator, in recognition of her effectiveness in the House, she has won several awards for government service. The Liberty Tree Award from Freedomworks, given in recognition of her work to preserve liberty and Constitutional government, makes a strong statement about her views on the importance of limiting government to protect individual freedom. Fern has been writing about state (and sometimes local or national) government since the early nineties under the title Raleigh Report. She has now started a blog by that name ( to help preserve some record of events that were not reported by the major media and to comment on current events from a perspective formed by her own unique experiences in government.

NC Senate Makes Bold Move On Tax Reform

This week the NC Senate, led by President Pro Tem Phil Berger, took a bold move towards cleaning up state government. Senators voted overwhelmingly to get rid of the corporate income tax, one of the nastiest parts of the state tax code. The supporters of the status quo (which is not working, as our economy […]

June 15, 2013 | Posted in Carolinas,Fern Shubert,House Guests | Read More »

Pittenger Forced Me To Endorse Pendergraph

It seems odd to defend The Charlotte Observer, but Robert Pittenger’s attempt to make me the fall guy in his Waxhaw annexation leaves me no choice. His comments in “Observer didn’t tell whole story about annexation and me” were a continuation of the misinformation campaign he apparently started in 2003. I don’t like being lied […]

July 13, 2012 | Posted in Fern Shubert | Read More »

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