Stories written by Kurt Naas
Kurt Naas lives in North Meck and was active in the Widen I77 movement.

WidenI77 Press Conference Video

This morning, WidenI77 filed suit in Mecklenburg Superior Court to stop the I-77 toll lane project.  Following the filing, the group conducted a press conference on the steps of the attorney’s office.  That video is above. The complaint contains twelve separate counts.  I’ll talk about the two that I can most easily grasp and articulate. […]

January 20, 2015 | Posted in Char-Meck Beat,House Guests,Photos | Read More »

About that $70 Billion…

“We have $70 billion in road needs and only $11 billion to pay the bill.” It’s a lament commonly used to justify toll lanes. We heard it at the candidate forum last week, and we’ll probably hear it at the next one tomorrow night. But how did NCDOT come up with that $70 billion figure, […]

October 16, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,Char-Meck Beat,House Guests | Read More »

Charlotte Learns About Toll Lanes… Sort Of

At their regularly scheduled city council meeting this past Monday, Council members had the opportunity to learn about the I-77 toll lanes.  NCDOT made a “managed lanes” presentation. The council asked lots of pointed questions, which is good. It’s the answers we take issue with. They heard the usual rhetoric about “giving drivers a choice” and […]

October 9, 2014 | Posted in Char-Meck Beat,House Guests | Read More »

About That Confidential Information

At our meeting last week (WidenI77 TownHall meeting in Cornelius on July 24.  Click HERE for video.) we raised two issues regarding personal data.  First was the breath of information that could be collected, including SSN’s and medical data. Second was that the private company- Cintra- could be collecting it. Last Friday the NCDOT disputed […]

August 1, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,Char-Meck Beat,House Guests | Read More »

HOT Lane Madness – Finally Some Answers

In early April the NCDOT announced they had selected Cintra, a Spanish company, as the contractor for the I-77 toll lane project. (As it turns out, the Cintra bid was the only one recieved.) Under the terms of the contract, NCDOT will donate the remaining public right-of-way  and grant Cintra an exclusive concession to design, […]

June 10, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,House Guests | Read More »

Re-Arming the War on Women

Remember the 2012 GOP “War on Women”? If you didn’t want to pay for a women’s contraception you were denying her “right to healthcare.” If you didn’t want to subsidize an abortion you were “attacking women and their right to birth control.” The Left wanted America to believe the GOP knuckle-draggers were determined to alienate […]

April 10, 2014 | Posted in House Guests,National | Read More »

Thom Tillis: After 8 Years, Only Tholl Roads

Last week John Rhodes, the former state representative from North Mecklenburg, held a press conference during which he urged an investigation into Thom Tillis’ “pay-for-play” tactics. To break nearly eight years of silence, Rhodes’ reasons must have been pretty compelling, and you can read about the” why” of it here. With Senate Candidate Tillis touting his […]

March 27, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,House Guests | Read More »

East Coast P3 Conference: The View From the Little Guy

Yesterday the East Coast P3 Conference wrapped up in downtown Charlotte.  Sponsored by the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, the event focused on how to build public projects via public-private partnerships (P3). About two hundred movers and shakers attended, including Gov McCrory, Transportation Secretary Tata, Mayors John Woods and Jill Swain, Commissioners Sarah McAulay and Brian […]

March 7, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,Char-Meck Beat,House Guests | Read More »

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