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MeckCo Parks and Rec Empowering Criminals


[Editor’s Note: On Tuesday, the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners will vote on a proposal from the Parks and Recreation department to restrict the rights of concealed carry permit holders to carry their defensive weapons in certain “recreation areas” in county parks.  This is the proposal.  We urge you to contact your County Commissioners and vocalize your opposition just as our friend Mel has done below.]

UPDATE: A vote on the Concealed Carry proposal was deferred until the board of commissioner’s next regularly scheduled meeting; details available here.


I urge all readers who are Mecklenburg County residents to read this and email your objections to the County Commission written in your own words.

I have read the entire 2009 Ordinance with draft 2013 amendments proposed by the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Commission. My reaction to the proposed amendments is: NO! The proposed changes are a mish-mosh of inconsistencies and bad information, and only succeed in making certain areas safer for muggers and rapists so they can attack defenseless, law-abiding citizens. The ordinance even assures that Safe areas for criminals are posted so they know where to hit victims!

What is known is that most criminals are really not particularly brave–many are really even cowardly–and specifically choose their victims because they believe they can overwhelm them. (This is why most mass shooters give up immediately or kill themselves when confronted by armed officers, etc. Just look at the facts regarding virtually all mass shootings!) When criminals know that their intended victims MAY be armed, they are in fact deterred. And this even helps make citizens who are NOT armed perceptively safer! An inspection of police records nationally reveal that consistently over two million crimes are stopped each year by armed citizens, and where well over 90% are accomplished without the citizen firing a shot! Of course, you are not going to read that in the Charlotte Observer or learn it from most mainstream news sources!

In 1995, North Carolina passed Shall Issue Concealed Carry for its law abiding citizens, with certain unfortunate restrictions, such as exempting parks from access by CC holders. Despite the usual predictions gunfights at the OK Corral, shootouts in the streets, etc., none of this happened. What DID happen was that the crime rate in North Carolina has been trending downward, viz., by approximately 37% since, except in the mandated gun free zones, such as parks where the law made it safe for criminals!

Understand, North Carolina state government removed the restriction on Concealed Carry into park areas, which hopefully ELIMINATED these as “safe” areas for rapists, muggers, and holdup thugs. They did give some flexibility to local governments for recreational areas. Some governments flaunted this flexibility, and in complete bad faith, expanded the definition of what these were to effectively undermine the state statutes. The Mecklenburg County Commission is being asked to effectively thumb its nose at its own law abiding citizens and the safety they deserve when the primary job of government is to protect its citizens!

Several years ago, in a local park, a creep brazenly attempted to abduct a baby in a stroller being pushed by the mother. The mother protected her child with such intensity, she managed to make him give up! But YOUR wrong decision will continue to leave parents helpless against child abductors, women against muggers and rapists. A local fellow told me he’s been attacked twice by dogs in the park. Are you willing to REALLY take responsibility for that? Are you really OK with that?  

The person who drafted this sad proposal defined a handgun as “held and fired by use of a single hand”. WRONG! Trained, knowledgeable people know one uses TWO hands to fire a handgun, so his knowledge is questionable! The way this thing is written, a woman can have a handgun to protect herself while jogging, but when she goes to the bathroom in a park building, for example, she’s violating this nonsensical hodgepodge of restrictions.

The best solution is to recognize the fact that our citizens have a God-given right to protect themselves and their family from harm, and an unambiguous Constitutional right that the government not mess with (abridge) that right; and also the government is NOT going to be there for them to afford this protection! Do the RIGHT thing and simply reject this entire proposal!

Mel Morganstein 
Charlotte, NC Chair Co-Chair

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