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A 1999 Cum Laude graduate of UNC Charlotte’s Belk College of Business, Christian has spent fifteen years as an award winning political activist and consultant in both North and South Carolina...with a little radio talk show hosting and newspaper editing thrown in for good measure. A self-described "Republitarian", Christian is an unabashed advocate of traditional free market capitalism and views passage of the FairTax as the single most effective method to combat the social manipulation and corruption found in government today. When not stressing over yet another new law, Christian enjoys treasure hunting, obscure European power metal bands, good beer, and anything related to Carolina Panthers football...except talking about the 2001 season. He's removed that from memory.

Do Char-Meck Police Know the Law?

The outcomes of the Ferguson and Eric Garner cases seem to have been the catalyst for a renewed look at police conduct while in the line of duty. Regardless of your particular assessment of either of those situations, this is clearly a discussion worth having.  We live in a society that should be based on […]

January 5, 2015 | Posted in Char-Meck Beat,Christian Hine | Read More »

The Economics of Sports Subsidies

On December 22, CAUTION and the Charlotte Bastiat Society held a joint meeting at the Dilworth Neighborhood Grille.  The guest speaker for the evening was Dr. Todd Nesbit. Dr. Nesbit is a Senior Lecturer in Economics and Competitive Markets at The Ohio State University, an Affiliated Senior Scholar with the Mercatus Center, and an Adjunct […]

December 30, 2014 | Posted in Christian Hine,Photos | Read More »

The #FireJohnBoehner Challenge

As the nation prepares for the incoming 114th Congress, it is no secret that Speaker John Boehner is already less than popular among the conservative grassroots.  The recent “Cromnibus” budget certainly didn’t help his standing. Strategically, it is possible that 30 conservative House members could unite and deny him the slot by refusing to vote […]

December 20, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,Christian Hine,National,Photos | Read More »

Grassroots Duty Means Taking on Your Own Party

It was just another morning of Facebook perusing when I stumbled upon a post on a regional Tea Party group’s Facebook page which called out Speaker Boehner and encouraged Congressman elect Mark Walker to vote otherwise for Speaker.  This poster was attacked by other membership and leadership. “I’m getting pretty tired of this divisive rhetoric […]

December 10, 2014 | Posted in Christian Hine,National | Read More »

NC Mom Travels to Boehner’s Office to Deliver Message

Pattie Curran is anything but shy.  Whether it comes to educating others about her real life experiences with Obamacare, or as in the following video, educating Congressional staffers about the disconnect they and their boss continue to have with voters when it comes to Obama’s executive actions on immigration…there is just no stopping Pattie. During […]

December 9, 2014 | Posted in Christian Hine,National | Read More »

Selling Thom’s Toll Roads Proves Difficult

PunditHouse author and activist Nicole Revels took to the streets of Huntersville, NC last weekend to gauge the level of support for the proposed HOT lanes on I77 between Charlotte and Mooresville.  She went seeking petition signatures in support of the toll lanes.  The results were…well…watch for yourself. 🙂

December 2, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,Christian Hine | Read More »

Vote “Against” Trevor’s Tax on November 4

On November 4, 2014, Mecklenburg County voters will be asked to vote “For or Against” a referendum entitled “Mecklenburg County Sales Use Tax”. The text of the measure is as follows: “Local sales and use tax at the rate of one-quarter percent (0.25%) in addition to all other State and local sales and use taxes.” […]

November 2, 2014 | Posted in Char-Meck Beat,Christian Hine | Read More »

Clerk Candidate Throws Stones in Glass House

It may not be the highest profile race on the ballot, but the Clerk of Superior Court is nonetheless an important role.  The Clerk manages a staff of over 200 and oversees the filing and storage of all civil and criminal court files. The clerk also acts as the judge of probates. Elisa Chinn Gary, […]

November 2, 2014 | Posted in Char-Meck Beat,Christian Hine | Read More »

NC State Guard Seeks Status Clarification

*Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to PunditHouse by Stephen J Wrona,  Information Systems Chief & Treasurer,  North Carolina State Guard Association An open letter to the people and elected officials of the State of North Carolina, Recently, the South Carolina State Defense Force (SCSDF) conducted its 2nd annual “Hurricane Hike”. The membership executed a […]

October 30, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,Christian Hine | Read More »

Lake Norman Conservatives to Host Anti-Toll Fundraiser

Lake Norman Conservatives is pleased to host an event called “Stop the Tolls — It’s Now or Never” featuring guest speakers of two citizen groups opposed to public-private partnership toll projects in North Carolina. The Charlotte-area group and the Raleigh-area group North Carolina Citizens Against Toll Roads will both be presenting at the Lake […]

October 29, 2014 | Posted in Char-Meck Beat,Christian Hine | Read More »

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