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NC Mom Travels to Boehner’s Office to Deliver Message


Pattie Curran is anything but shy. ¬†Whether it comes to educating others about her real life experiences with Obamacare, or as in the following video, educating Congressional staffers about the disconnect they and their boss continue to have with voters when it comes to Obama’s executive actions on immigration…there is just no stopping Pattie.

During a recent trip to Ohio, she didn’t miss the opportunity to stop by Speaker Boehner’s office to have a chat. ¬†The video of her attempt to get answers was forwarded to Nicole Revels who created the following from the raw footage. From the video’s description, “After several failed attempts to speak with John Boehner’s office staff by phone, North Carolina mother Pattie Curran traveled to the Speaker’s Ohio office in order to get her questions answered face to face. The staff refused to speak on camera, but did communicate some from down the hallway.”

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