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Mike is a long-time resident of Charlotte, North Carolina and has been active in the campaigns of many conservative candidates over the years . He currently serves on the Board of Directors of StrengthenCharlotte, the non-partisan web-based think tank that advocates for policies that raise the quality of life for all Charlotte citizens. Mike founded the “Defend Our Constitution” web site to raise awareness to our loss of individual freedom to the federal government as America moves toward socialism. He also organized last May’s “Defend America Rally” at Upper Senate Park in Washington, D.C. Mike’s Book Recommendation: “The Bedford Boys” by Alex Kershaw “It’s an unbelievable story of courage and sacrifice by a group of kids from Bedford, Virginia. Its a chilling reminder of the cost of freedom.”

The Roadmap To Reforming Social Security

With Republicans taking control of the U.S. House of Representatives this week, the legislative agenda for the body will begin to take shape under the direction of Speaker Boehner and other prominent committee chairmen and ranking members. The media and the citizenry will be watching to see if this Congress, and especially this House of […]

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Social Security: The $8 Trillion Tweak

As election day gets closer, politicians seem to closely guard the words they utter in speeches and debates so as not to give their opponents fodder for newspaper headlines that could swing tight races in their favor.  The Associated Press’ Mike Baker recently reported on the current Social Security policy position of Senate candidates Richard […]

September 30, 2010 | Posted in Mike Love | Read More »

Taxes in America Today

The pending expiration of the “Bush” tax cuts at year end has given rise to much debate and discussion as to whether these tax cuts should be extended in part or in total.  President Obama has taken the position that he does not favor the extension of these tax cuts to Americans at the upper […]

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9/12 Rally Recap

American patriots from as far away as Washington state descended on Washington, D.C. Sunday for the second annual 9.12 rally to protest the actions of President Obama and the members of Congress who have supported his big-government socialist agenda. Patriots by the thousands gathered at the Washington Monument and marched down Constitution Avenue in orderly […]

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New Heights in Keynesian Failure

Since the so-called stimulus bill was passed, the Obama administration has reached new heights in spending; creating a current year (2010) budget deficit of roughly $1.3 trillion dollars and setting the stage for subsequent deficits in out years 2010-2015 of $3.1 trillion as the Congressional Budget Office web site reports.  The CBO positions this record […]

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A Blessing of Our Appalachian Heritage

I can’t think of a more appropriate venue to read and comprehend a writing about Appalachia than while overlooking the rolling mountains near Summersville, West Virginia, with cool breezes blowing down

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The Tea Party and Race Relations

You know you’re really making an impact on local and national politics when you begin to be noticed and perhaps targeted by politicians like John Lewis, by organizations like the NAACP, and by liberal journalists like E.J. Dionne.  And so members of the Tea Party find themselves in just such company with accusations by Mr. […]

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America’s Tet Offensive: The Obama Administration’s Socialist And Communist Infiltration of American Government

1968 In Vietnam  One of the turning points of the Vietnam War was the 1968 battle called the “Tet Offensive.”  North Vietnamese and Communist South Vietnamese forces realized they could not sustain the heavy losses they were suffering by battling American and South Vietnamese forces in traditional engagements, and so they decided on a strategy […]

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Federal “Grants” and “Stimulus”: Too Visible A “Hand” In Our Economy

Famed theoretician of economic thought Adam Smith, in his landmark work “The Wealth of Nations,” published in 1776, introduced us to the concept of the “invisible hand” to describe the actions of entrepreneurs in competitive free markets.  As the Library of Economics and Liberty puts it: “Someone earning money by his own labor benefits himself. […]

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What Would The Founders Say About the Constitutionality of Obama’s Healthcare Bill?

A Historic Time In America The events in Washington the past few weeks that included protests on the West Front of the Capitol, a close vote for passage and then the President signing the healthcare bill into law marked a pivotal point in the history of America.  While Fidel Castro and other socialist and communist […]

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