Stories written by Mike Tuggle
Mike Tuggle is a writer in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has written for several political journals, including American Spectator, Taki's Magazine, and Lew Rockwell. His short stories have appeared in Fiction365, and a British SF/F publication will feature one of his stories in January, 2014.

Goodbye, Julius Chambers

Julius Chambers, the black attorney who was instrumental in integrating Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools, died over the weekend. His vision is being buried with him. Today in the Charlotte Observer, there’s a story on the latest CMS task force, which has the unenviable task of salvaging this wasteful, dysfunctional, sprawling bureaucracy. Key among the task force’s goals […]

August 8, 2013 | Posted in Char-Meck Beat,CMS Beat | Read More »

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