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I am the senior advisor, economics to the American Principles Project and editor of The Lehrman Institute's The Gold Standard Now. I wrote "The Websters' Dictionary: how to use the Web to transform the world." (Download a free and complete eBook version HERE.) It won the “Trophée du choix des Internauts” (“The People's Choice”) in the World e-Democracy Awards 2010, Paris, France. I am also co-author, with Charles Kadlec, of "The 21st Century Gold Standard: For Prosperity, Security, and Liberty." I manage The Gold Standard on Facebook. I was a junior Reagan White House official; founder of the Prosperity Caucus; and an original Supply Sider. Member of the Bar of the State of New York.

As Sanders Dismantles Clinton, Let The GOP Discover Human Capitalism

While the Mass Media has been obsessing on the Donald Trump phenomenon, Bernie Sanders has been packing stadiums.  Sanders’s Madison speech pulled in nearly twice as many as Mrs. Clinton’s official campaign kickoff event (which The Atlantic dubbed “uninspiring”).  Mrs. Clinton’s relaunches and presentations continue to draw tepid reviews. The Sanders phenomenon, so reminiscent of […]

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Reagan Economist Larry Kudlow Reveals The Republicans’ Secret Agenda

The Revelation: “All we want,” said Kudlow, “is for everybody to get richer.” Therein hangs a tale.  And therein, perhaps, hangs the outcome of a presidential race. The Republican Party (much to the astonishment of practically everyone) is composed exclusively of … people. It thus is subject to human nature. It is undeniable that a […]

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Could The Fast Track For The Trans-Pacific Partnership Be A Bad Thing?

Writing about TPP, “Fast Track,” and all the associated skirmishing is made somewhat difficult by the secrecy of the legislative text. That said, supply-side thought leader John Tamny declares “The TPP is a no-brainer.” (If Tamny means free trade is a no-brainer he surely is right.) So also declares the decorated veteran of the Supply-Side […]

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If The GOP Won’t Win The Argument There’s No Way They’ll Win The War

“Climate Denier.” One of the environmental advocates who coined this term recently revealed to Jean Chemnick, a reporter for E&E, one of the Left’s most potent weapons in dominating the policy discourse (even while, often although not always, losing political battles). Call it the “framing war.” Chemnick writes: In politics, there was “Holocaust denial,” “moon-landing […]

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Meet The Political David To Hillary Clinton’s Goliath

Is Hillary Clinton supporting policies that are un-American?  So says her potential rival for the Democratic nomination, former Rhode Island governor (and United States Senator) Lincoln Chafee, in an exclusive interview today reported here. Gov. Chafee has a credible claim to become the most potent threat to upset Mrs. Clinton’s nomination by the Democratic Party. […]

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Bring On A Conservative Republican Pride Movement!

Republicans! To the barricades, mes enfants! As The National Journal noted late last year, in an article entitled It’s Hard Out There For A Bay Area Conservative, “‘Conservatives in Northern California ‘have been beaten into submission,’ says Chris Pareja, host of a weekly political television show in Silicon Valley.” The National Journal recently drilled down […]

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John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, And The Congress Ride Into A Box Canyon….

The New York Times considerately gives us an early look at the Box Canyon into which the 114th Congress, the GOP leading, is riding.  In G.O.P. Is Divided as Budget Bills Start Piling Up we discover: WASHINGTON — In their first major test of governing this year, Republicans stumbled, faltered — and nearly shut down […]

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Bitcoin, Bit-by-Bit, Pitches Silicon Valley Against Washington As Our True Capital

Washington, DC, is the capital of the United States. Yet Silicon Valley is the true capital of the America of the present and the future.  Silicon Valley and its satellites gave us personal computers, web browsing, email, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, iPhones, iPads, and other technologies that have transformed and are transforming our […]

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An Exclusive Interview With Rand Paul, Human Capitalist‏

Rand Paul recently sat with me to share some of his views. The insights on his worldview left me persuaded that he deserves to be considered the most important public intellectual serving in the United States Senate. Time Magazine calls him “the most interesting man in American politics.” The Senate’s public intellectual chair has been […]

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Monetary Politics: The Biggest Money Player In Politics Is The Fed

Washington finally shows signs of coming to grips with the importance of money to politics. This is not about mere campaign finance. Recently there was a breakthrough in bringing the money policy issue out of the shadows and to center stage … where it belongs. The real issue of money in politics is about the […]

January 26, 2015 | Posted in House Guests,National | Read More »

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