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I am the senior advisor, economics to the American Principles Project and editor of The Lehrman Institute's The Gold Standard Now. I wrote "The Websters' Dictionary: how to use the Web to transform the world." (Download a free and complete eBook version HERE.) It won the “Trophée du choix des Internauts” (“The People's Choice”) in the World e-Democracy Awards 2010, Paris, France. I am also co-author, with Charles Kadlec, of "The 21st Century Gold Standard: For Prosperity, Security, and Liberty." I manage The Gold Standard on Facebook. I was a junior Reagan White House official; founder of the Prosperity Caucus; and an original Supply Sider. Member of the Bar of the State of New York.

Who is Rand Paul?

For starters, Rand is short for Randal, not an allusion to Ayn Rand, after whom Sen. Paul was not named by his libertarian (not Objectivist) father Ron Paul. Reportedly, growing up he was called Randy … until his wife shortened the diminutive to Rand. Washington, ordinarily, is committed to maintaining the status quo or making, at best, […]

November 21, 2014 | Posted in House Guests,National | Read More »

Washington, Amok Again, Spending $1+ Billion On … Presidential Helicopters

In reporting on the Navy’s reported new acquisition of helicopters for the president to be delivered in 2020, The Washington Post opens: The last time the Pentagon tried to upgrade the president’s coolest ride — the fleet of helicopters that drop him at his doorstep on the South Lawn of the White House — it didn’t go […]

June 5, 2014 | Posted in House Guests,National | Read More »

In The “War On Youth” The Youth Strike Back For Liberty

Politics is no country for old men. The left likes to lampoon the GOP as a party of grumpy old men.  Wrong. A new generation is rising.  The most striking display at the recent CPAC was a barrage balloon emblazoned with the words War On Youth.  It was lofted over one of the most popular booths there, Young […]

April 30, 2014 | Posted in House Guests,National | Read More »

How The GOP Can Win The Upcoming Battle Over Income Inequality

Following President Obama’s lead, the Democrats are seeking to make income inequality the wedge issue of the 2014 Congressional and Senate elections.  This unquestionably addresses an issue that — after forty years of middle class family wage stagnation — resonates with voters.  Yet the Republicans, thanks to Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tx) and Rep. Kevin Brady […]

February 6, 2014 | Posted in House Guests,National | Read More »

Tōˌtaliˈte(ə)rēəns Among Us?

Possibly the most powerful, and dangerous, euphemism in politics today is “progressive.” This writer has many cherished progressive friends.  He considers them beautiful… but, often, misguided. Yet perhaps they are more “guided” than he has supposed. Perhaps progressives, many of them, are precision guided.  A pattern is emerging.  That pattern is to assert government control […]

January 20, 2014 | Posted in House Guests,National | Read More »

How the United States Will Amend the Constitution To Rein In A Power Drunk Washington

On December 7th, nearly 100 state legislators, many distinguished, representing 32 states, assembled at Mount Vernon. They gathered at the homestead of George Washington, 15 miles from the capital city named for him.  The purpose?   To discuss how, safely, to revive an overlooked, but invaluable, provision in the United States Constitution to allow a supermajority […]

December 18, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,National | Read More »

Mr. Obama, I Am Unhappy That Obamacare Threatens To Kill Me

Will Barack Obama kill, or financially ruin, me?  Interesting question. This columnist is one of the, reportedly, millions whose health insurance (much of good quality and affordable) has fallen prey to an Obamacare “Death Panel.”  My insurance policy of long standing, apparently, will disappear on January 1.   My efforts to replace it, in the Exchange, […]

November 12, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,National | Read More »

GOP Civil War: A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

Open warfare has broken out inside the GOP between Tea Party Insurgents and the Republican Party Regulars.  It revolves around tactics, more than policy.  It’s an old-fashioned power struggle. The Insurgents’ protagonist is charismatic freshman U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. Behind him are a handful of powerful Insurgent leaders. Insurgent leaders need political boots on the ground.  They’ve got them.  Their […]

October 9, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,National | Read More »

For The GOP To Win, Libertarians And Conservatives Must Find Common Ground

The GOP confronts what could threaten to be a crippling dilemma.  If real it could prove fatal to its viability as a political party.  Electoral victory requires both its libertarians and its social conservatives.  And they are at odds. These two crucial elements have a strained relationship.  The libertarians, overrepresented in the party’s donor, underrepresented in its activist base, […]

August 14, 2013 | Posted in National,Ralph Benko | Read More »

Will The GOP Superdonors Rein In Rove and Other Rogue Elephants?

“The key to good decision making is not knowledge. It is understanding. We are swimming in the former. We are desperately lacking in the latter.” ― Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking The Republican Party’s senior operatives publicly are committing the cardinal sin of promising to spend tens of millions of dollars of its most […]

July 3, 2013 | Posted in Ralph Benko | Read More »

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