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Allies….and the Misinformed


RESTRUCTURE GOVERNMENT: Always apply the principle of ‘Subsidiarity”, which simply means that matters should be handled by the lowest competent authority. As an example, our Constitution gives very limited powers to the Federal government, with all else left to the states. The War Between the States, the Civil War to the misinformed, was fought primarily over this conflict between a powerful central government and the authority granted the states by the Constitution. The South (states’ rights) lost and we have seen nothing but more big government growth since then. Government consolidation usually brings greater cost, bigger government and takes power from the people. Just consider the mess created by our school consolidation. NEVER allow consolidation of city and county government in Mecklenburg. It will not bring more efficiency, it will cost more, not less and it will bring all the negatives of big government.

1. Eliminate District Representation for both the city and the county, which will allow every voter to vote for all elected members. Under the present system of districts and at large members, the districts have been gerrymandered by the Democrats making it virtually impossible for Republicans to win control. Of the 7 district city council seats, 5 are guaranteed Democrat, meaning that Republicans can win only 2 seats and in order to gain control, must win all 4 at large seats. In all fairness, I must add that the Republicans under Mayor McCrory were in the majority in 1999 when weak Republicans, fearing the wrath of the Charlotte Observer, allowed the districts to be redrawn in favor of the Democrats. One of the results was the defeat of a rising young Republican named Tim Sellers and the election of Nancy Carter. With the Democrats in charge, it most likely will require a court decision for a fair redrawing of district lines.

2. Break up the consolidated school system into at least 4 independent systems. The current 130,000 plus student population is not manageable, far too costly and is failing to educate our students. How much longer will we tolerate this corrupt,political behemoth?

3. Term limits for all elected officials: Too many of our elected officials are gerrymandered in for life and far too many have little to no business experience, never having run as much as a lemonade stand. At one time, the local boys who ran the big banks also ran the elected bodies, offering some guidance. Today, however, those days are over and it is vitally important that we elect some strong, independent leaders and protect ourselves from lifetime rule by folks with no business experience.

4. Replace county manager Harry Jones: He has proven to be an arrogant corrupt bureaucrat. The corruption and cronyism at Department of Social Services is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of his department heads reflect the arrogance of their boss. Former US Attorney Tom Ashcraft, asked the county financial officer for a list of all non profits receiving county money. Instead, Mr. Ashcraft received the complete county budget, several hundred pages, with a note that pretty much said, find them yourself! The fact the county commission chairman Jennifer Roberts runs cover for Jones is despicable. And speaking of the budget, did you know that the county spends over $5 million per year furnishing taxi service to various constituents??

With an elected board that understands the proper role of government, all the above easily could be accomplished, reducing the size of government by a minimum of 50 percent, reducing cost, reducing taxes and prioritizing government spending to the basics, reducing waste and bureaucratic red tape.

Professor Brews, mentioned in my opening paragraph, when asked what advice he might give to the newly elected President Obama, said this: “Tell the American people the truth, the best you know it and TAKE THE HIT NOW. Don’t try to buy your way out of it!” President Obama has not been able to buy his way out of our economic mess and neither can Charlotte-Mecklenburg. Let’s only vote for those folks in this fall who will pledge reduce spending, reduce taxes and return government to the people.


Don Reid, Special to – Used by Permission

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