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Conservative candidates running for office in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas in Nov


November is just around the corner.

It is the first time in recent memory that we have had this many highly qualified conservative candidates to vote for.

Now that the primaries and the run-off elections are in the rearview mirror and we’ve had a little time off, it is now time to start taking stock of what we need to do to help our friends to get elected this Fall.

The Mecklenburg GOP web site has put together a complete list of candidates who can wear the conservative badge proudly.

“Below are your 2010 MeckGOP Candidates. We are pleased to note that (for the first time in a long time) voters in every single part of Mecklenburg County will have a Republican option for every partisan race.

Election Day will be Tuesday November 2, 2010

However, you’ll want to plan to take October 14th off to join all of your Republican Friends for the “Race to the Polls” to lock in as many Republican votes as possible for our Candidates at the very first opportunity. (In case you can’t make it to the party at the polls on October 14th, Early One-Stop Voting will extend from October 14 through October 30.)

United States Senate

• U.S. Senate – Richard Burr

United States Congress – District 8

• U.S. Congress – Harold Johnson

United States Congress – District 9

• U.S. Congress – Sue Myrick

United States Congress – District 12

• U.S. Congress – Greg Dority

North Carolina Senate – District 35

• N.C. Senate – Tommy Tucker

North Carolina Senate – District 37

• N.C. Senate – C. Morgan Edwards

North Carolina Senate – District 38

• N.C. Senate – Cedric Scott

North Carolina Senate – District 39

• N.C. Senate – Bob Rucho

North Carolina Senate – District 40

• N.C. Senate – John Aneralla

North Carolina House – District 98

• N.C. House – Thom Tillis

North Carolina House – District 99

• N.C. Senate – Michael T. (Doc) Wilson

North Carolina House – District 100

• N.C. House – Joe O’Neill

North Carolina House – District 101

• N.C. House – Rebecca Steen

North Carolina House – District 102

• N.C. House – Matt Miller

North Carolina House – District 103

• N.C. House – Bill Brawley

North Carolina House – District 104

• N.C. House – Ruth Samuelson

North Carolina House – District 105

• N.C. House – Ric Killian

North Carolina House – District 106

• N.C. House – Michael Cavallo

North Carolina House – District 107

• N.C. House – Debbie Ware

Mecklenburg County Commission – At Large (Vote for Three)

• Mecklenburg County Commission – Jim Pendergraph

• Mecklenburg County Commission – Dan Ramirez

• Mecklenburg County Commission – Corey Thompson

Mecklenburg County Commission – District 1

• Mecklenburg County Commission – Karen Bentley

Mecklenburg County Commission – District 2

• Mecklenburg County Commission – Lee Ann Patton

Mecklenburg County Commission – District 3

• Mecklenburg County Commission – Barbara Eveland

Mecklenburg County Commission – District 4

• Mecklenburg County Commission – Virginia Mewborne Spykerman

Mecklenburg County Commission – District 5

• Mecklenburg County Commission – Neil Cooksey

Mecklenburg County Commission – District 6

• Mecklenburg County Commission – Bill James

North Carolina Supreme Court – Associate Justice (“Nonpartisan” Race)

• N.C. Supreme Court – Barbara Jackson

NC Court of Appeals – Calabria Seat (“Nonpartisan Race”)

• N.C. Court of Appeals – Ann Marie Calabria

NC Court of Appeals – Elmore Seat (“Nonpartisan Race” – Vote for One)

• N.C. Court of Appeals – Rick Elmore

• NC Court of Appeals – Steven Walker

North Carolina Court of Appeals – Steelman Seat (“Nonpartisan” Race)

• N.C. Court of Appeals – Sanford Steelman

North Carolina Court of Appeals – Geer Seat ( “Nonpartisan” Race)

• N.C. Court of Appeals – Dean Poirier

North Carolina Superior Court 26B (“Nonpartisan Race”)

• N.C. Superior Court – Bill Constangy

North Carolina Superior Court 26C (“Nonpartisan” Race)

• N.C. Superior Court – Eric Levinson

North Carolina District Court (26) – Bell Seat (“Nonpartisan” Race)

• N.C. District Court – Lisa Bell

North Carolina District Court (26) – Hands Seat (“Nonpartisan” Race)

• N.C. District Court – Sean Smith

NC District Court (26) – Smith Seat (“Nonpartisan” Race)

• N.C. District Court – Matt Osman

Mecklenburg County/District 26 Clerk of Superior Court

• Clerk of Court – Martha Curran

Mecklenburg County District Attorney

• District Attorney – Andrew Murray

Mecklenburg County Sheriff

• Sheriff – Christopher R. Hailey”

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