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Mandatory Government Assistance Term Limits & Guidelines


I know many folks are not happy about government assistance, but lets face it, it has been happening for 40 years and does not appear to be going away anytime soon. So since we do have it lets face some facts:

Many of us have needed help at some point in our lives, but help and lifelong support are TWO different issues. I REALLY feel America is THE best country in the world! But we are harming people for life by supporting them without expecting them to do for themselves! If you have ever talked to anyone living in government supported housing, i.e. CHA, Section 8, you will find 5th and even 6th generations living and raised on government assistance. HOW is that fair to THEM or to the taxpayers? I mean really? If we TEACH them to fish they can and will eventually be able to feed themselves!

I have talked to many who live in these areas and most of the young people I have talked to would love a chance to move up and move out! But they have no clue how! That is sad, with all the great charitable and government organizations, EVERYONE living on government assistance SHOULD have the opportunity to become self-sufficient and be proud of their lives! But how can they when they have no clue what is available and how to get it? So it is up to OUR government to help show them how to support themselves, or continue to support them for life, your choice!

I also understand and have seen with my own eyes that some folks need help because they 1) never received an education; 2) got into unforeseen circumstances; 3) have no clue how to improve their current situation; or 4) are just living the same way their parents, grandparents & great-grand parents did. How sad we have let them expect us to feed them when all along WE could have shown them how to feed themselves.

So for those who DO want and deserve a better life, I think we should offer SOME assistance BUT NOT lifetime assistance! With that being said, government assistance MUST have mandatory guidelines to STOP the “entitled” attitude and to actually HELP them succeed in self-sufficiency by enforcing the following mandatory guidelines:

1) Unless you are retired or disabled, government assistance housing, welfare, Section8, will have a time limit of 5 years, with an additional 2 years added IF the other following guidelines have been met;

2) You MUST be enrolled in an educational program, i.e. GED, Certificate program, Associates Program; IF you drop these classes you will immediately loose ALL benefits and be evicted, unless there are extenuating circumstances, i.e. long-term illness of self or other family member living in home or death occurs;

3) IF you live in/receive government housing YOU will be REQUIRED to help in the maintenance and upkeep of that property by donating 25 hours per YEAR with said specific upkeep:

Grounds clean up


Lawn maintenance

Other property maintenance as deemed necessary or needed

(PLEASE NOTE: This is the same thing HOME OWNERS and RENTERS MUST do year round to keep up their properties, why should you NOT be expected to be part of your community’s upkeep? This would also stop the taxpayers from having to rebuild housing developments every 10 years!)

4) If you or your family member or a friend cause damage to the property YOU will be responsible for its repair PERIOD! This would include but not limited to: windows, doors, walls, etc. If damage continues to occur to property YOU and your family will be evicted.

5) If you live in/receive government housing you WILL help keep it clean of any and ALL criminal activities or face immediate eviction. The “No Snitch” policy will no longer be accepted or tolerated. If you see and don’t come forward YOU will be immediately evicted. You are just as responsible for your community as your neighbor!

6) If a family member living in the government asst home is convicted of a felony crime they will immediately be evicted and if found back ON the property the entire family WILL be evicted!

7) All children of government assistance programs MUST attend school and complete, otherwise the entire family will face eviction!

8 ) Mandatory Parenting classes, those who choose to have kids MUST understand THEY are responsible for knowing their child’s whereabouts as well as activities at all time.

9) Mandatory birth control classes to EXPLAIN all the FREE birth control options available. IF you have other children while ON government assistance you will NOT receive ANY additional support or services.

10) Any visitor who stays at the home for longer than 5 days MUST go through application process and be approved, otherwise YOU will be evicted.

11) Any one found to be dealing drugs IN/ON the property/complex will face 10 year ban from ANY and ALL government assistance and their family will face eviction IF you are found on the property for ANY reason!

12) If YOU (not your babies) DO NOT have a LEGAL Social Security number and proper identification you WILL NOT receive ANY government assistance! Government assistance is for LEGAL Americans who must have proof of who they are. SO DO YOU!

13) ALL properties will be inspected every 6 months, without YOUR consent; any and all repairs or inadequacies will be noted and repairs or improvements MUST be made within 60 days or your assistance will be forfeited.

If you think you cannot follow any of the above then you will definitely need to find alternative housing and financial arrangements. But if you apply yourself you can and WILL get more than you could ever expect, self-esteem, respect, that feeling of accomplishment and the ability to choose your career and purchase your own home one day! Nobody says this will be easy, but IT CAN BE DONE IF YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH! I know this from PERSONAL experience!

For those who think this will be costly to enforce, stop and think how much it has cost the taxpayers over the last 40 plus years! Do we want another 40 years of supporting people who could, should and WANT to support themselves? Until SOMEONE steps up to the plate and takes a hard stance on government assistance generational assistance WILL CONTINUE!

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