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With only a few short days left until Election 2010 is in the books it is becoming ever more clear that once again, Independent voters hold the power and the key to the outcome of the election here in Mecklenburg County, as well as around the country.

With that being said, I have asked myself repeatedly, “What can Republicans do to make a positive difference this year?” The answer is quite simple. Over these next few days Republicans MUST call the MECK GOP office at 704-334-9127 and volunteer. There are still precincts to be walked, poll workers are needed for Election Day, and phone calls need to be made. Even more than that, we each need to get out and shake hands with our neighbors and ask them to help become part of the solution by finally voting for Republican candidates this year.

Let’s face it, as a result of Democrat rule in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, we look a lot more like Detroit than anyone wants or dares to admit; but it is true. Over the last 15 years Democrats have controlled City Council and County Commission, and while the population has grown by roughly 50 percent spending has grown by 150 percent!

Now, a case (a very weak one) could be made that all of this additional spending might have been worth, IF it had created jobs, reduced debt, built roads, reduced crime, given us the best educational system in America, and diversified our local economy.

But, sadly, all of the massive spending driven by Democrats in this area has resulted in higher unemployment, lower average incomes, more poverty, crappy roads, higher crime (regardless of what the CMPD is putting out for stats) and well, a city that is closer to the bottom of the barrel than the top of the heap.

So, with just a few short days left until Election Day, it is time for you, the Conservative, the Libertarian, the Republican, the neighbor, to get out of your house and get active. Become part of the solution instead of sitting around waiting for someone else to do it. If everyone who reads this article volunteers three hours between now and Election Day we’ll touch more people directly than ever before. It’s time to step up. Quite frankly, there is simply too much at stake for us to fail.

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