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The Rise Of Left-Wing Capitalism


The ongoing deficit battle, which many had feared would shut down the US Government, has seemingly been averted, but only for now. We can probably expect these “shutdown scenarios” to be played out several more times at least in the upcoming weeks, if not months, as both the hypocrisy and the disingenuity of those who simply cannot understand the import of America’s spending problem is paraded out for all the world to see. 

Many, I am sure, had hoped that these talks might fail, so that when the sun arose the following day, the People might astronomically observe that Government does not, indeed yet, control everything. However, Obama’s absurd criticism, indirectly intended towards House Republicans for the continuing spending resolutions, dripped with sanctimonious irony after having just spent most of 2010 issuing these same spending resolutions–even while the Democrats enjoyed clear majorities across all of government.

The simple fact that America’s previously unparalleled financial status among nations has been teetering on a precipice of insolvency should have been enough to spark Obama and the Democrats into extreme action long ago. Even cutting $100 billion, under these current conditions, is not nearly enough in the face of $ 1.6 trillion annual shortfall and a $ 14 trillion overall deficit; however, our fearless leaders settled on a paltry $ 38.5 billion in cuts. Yet, the numbers, which these Politico’s keep agreeing upon, is nowhere near what will actually be required to achieve some form of deficit equilibrium.

When Actions Fail To Meet Words

So, at some point, we must then ask ourselves the question, what is it that Obama, and the increasingly clueless Democrats, are actually trying to achieve? The answer to that question is most likely both split and dual-pronged between the President and his unwitting disciples, which we will reveal. 
But as more and more facts leak out about both Obama’s and the Democrat’s ongoing attack on conventional economic wisdom, the puzzle that is our Brave New World continues to come into ever sharper focus, even as our collective chagrin increases. Many Americans are beginning to feel as strangers in a strange land, as each individual struggles to adjust and comprehend a drastically altered and even more puzzling US landscape than ever before. 
Some older Americans must feel as if they have been slumbering for a span of decades, such are the changes that have been quickly thrust upon us all, drearily waking up in a blurred Rip Van Winkle-like state of confusion. While others still, of a younger variety, ignorantly rejoice in finding themselves couched within the beginnings of a new environment that they have been insistently programmed to seek–yet being unmindful of the crumbling wasteland of ultimate despair that they have unwittingly chosen. 
A Grave New World 
This brave new Orwellian world, that is a dream to some few while being a contrived nightmare to most, has now entangled America within a web of conflicted and confused, if not bizarre, unfortunately engineered events. Our nation, in fact, is rapidly devolving into a decline which few wish to realistically see.  But it would seem that those who largely control the ebb and flow of opinion and information, not to mention power, have blithely chosen to somnambulantly ignore the certain and present catalyst for a promised change that we now have identified and certainly cannot believe in. 
For instance, the protests that began in the Mideast and have spread throughout the world are now but the symptoms of a coming insurrection that has been promised and talked about for years from none other than former Obama administration staffer Van Jones himself, among others. Jones, a proud Communist, or more progressively, a “Workers Party” member, who was completely outed by Glenn Beck and then disingenuously forced out by the Obama Administration, has repeatedly boiled down what we are now seeing transpire, into just a few revolutionary words, if not ideas: 
“Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out” 
The stated intent of these words is nothing short of undermining and completely bringing down America’s Free Capital System, and the means to that particular end is being engineered currently by our unprecedented spending.  The undisclosed result?  Individual self-determination, i.e., an individual’s being free to pursue his or her own goals in life, will be the chief victim of the left-wing makeover if the radical Left have their way.  So, what does this mean might be the next question? 
With Censure and Servitude For All… 
In a nutshell, it would mean that the US Constitution would eventually become a thing of the past and, therefore, most if not all of the advantages of both Liberty and Freedom would be relegated to history–only–while revisionists and censures would set to work rewriting the history books and limiting access to various heretical historical knowledge. 
Think about China’s current environment of paranoid control and government limitation and you can begin to see how all of this could play out. In other words, control would become America’s birthright and indentured servitude would become the new foundation for Her architecture
So why would Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, certain of our leadership, and the other left-wing radicals wish to change the very thing that actually provides the Worker’s Party both their power and seductive worker attraction, being Free Market Capitalism?  The Unions, which are the chief benefactors of this Worker’s Party, unwittingly suckle from the primary teats of Capitalism’s corporate largess.  If the Left were to succeed in remaking America and essentially eliminating Free Market Capitalism as we know it, then where would the Leftist workers be after the dust settles?  Well, look to any hard Socialist or Communist country of today, or even their less severe brethren, and you will have your answer. 
Party Loyalty 
The next, if not aged, question should be, “so why was an avowed Communist a member of the Obama Administration?”  The answer to that question lies with a large number of references that President Obama has made even while being President, but far more insistently during his earlier political career. You see, the current President of the United States does not at all like Free Market Capitalism, and this one peculiar dislike of Obama’s has tendrils that could now be said to stretch into every avenue of  their new American agenda. 
” Belief in Capitalism is Blind Faith,This philosophy of letting people fend for themselves has failed” ~President Barack Obama, October 2010 
The above quotation pretty much encompasses Obama’s stilted viewpoint, and yet few, if any, dare to point this out for fear of being labeled as a right-wing radical.  The only conclusion which continually offers itself up for all to see, with only a few actually seeing it, is what becomes the truly perplexing side of this bizarre ideological equation that America just can’t seem to resolve. 
This question of, “Do you Progressives not see where this could ultimately end-up?” is one that the Hard-Left can never quite seem to come to grips with, and this would seemingly speak to a much larger idea at play, an idea that we can see fulminating more and more with each and every stroke of the clock or stoke of the fire.  This phenomena that has caused so many Constitutionalists, Republicans and Libertarians the greatest of consternation over generations has been quickly brought back to the fore. So what is this larger idea?  History gives us the answer to this question, although misused by the great hypocritical dunces of our time (Bill Maher and Michael Moore immediately come to mind).  The term is known as “Useful Idiots,” and these useful idiots have now reached a veritable plague of monolithic proportions. 
The Dividends Of Useful Idiocy 
In a letter dated January 10, 1963, the blueprint for what we are, indeed, seeing right now was entered into the Congressional record of the United States. In it, Rep. A.S. Herlong of Florida warned the US House of the dangers of Communism and what it might mean to a future America.  The focus of Rep. Herlong was primarily concerned with a book that had been published and was gaining popularity in certain circles. The book was titled “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen, and within the book was  a comprehensive listing of at least 43 items which needed to be manifestly achieved in order to allow the ideology of Communism to take hold within America. 
Interestingly, today when anyone speaks of Communism, they are very liable to get a blank stare followed by a semi-eye-roll of contemptuous disregard, as if it were an antique throwback to times gone-politically-by, alas. 
However, once anyone with a functioning thought process reads through the following list, they tend to be rewarded with an initial chill followed by a sense of great foreboding. Don’t believe it?  Try  reading it and then begin to understand both where America is at present and why she is faltering mightily… 
Goals Set Forth By The Naked Communist to Achieve A State Of Communism In America 
-The first goal was US acceptance of the premise of coexistence as the only alternative to nuclear war. 
Reference Obama’s recent START Treaty, along with an unwillingness to confront Iran regarding their nuclear program. 
-The second goal was for the US to capitulate in preference to an atomic war. 
This goal was also adopted by Obama’s 2010 meeting of nations. 
-The third goal was to develop the illusion that total disarmament would be a demonstration of US moral strength. 
Once again one of the avowed goals of the Obama administration. At some point one must simply have to begin to wonder, correct? 
As we move down through each stated goal, some realized, others changed by history, we begin to see a number of other very interesting eventualities, bearing in mind that this book was written in the early 60’s. 
-Goal number 13 was to do away with all loyalty oaths. 
A Federal judge ruled that the US Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional in 2005.
-Goal number 15 is to capture one of both parties of the United States. 
Chilling, and please remember the earlier part of this essay and many other articles up to this point.
-Goal 16 states that they will use technical decisions of the Courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights. 
This goal, once again has been realized in so many ways, think of the current judicial state of marriage, not to mention the typical positions of the ACLU. 
Goal 17 states a need to achieve control of the schools and use them as transmission belts for Socialist and Communist propaganda as well as getting control of teachers associations and inserting left-leaning values into textbooks.
Once again, this goal has been powerfully attained in a variety of ways, reference the recent Texas Textbook hearings and look no further than Wisconsin initially, to see who has control of the teachers. 
In fact, as we read through the remaining goals, we can easily see that most of these goals have been attained to one degree or another, virtually in every case.  So, the next question becomes, “how did this happen?”  Ronald Reagan was fond of restating a quote which Andrew Jackson originally uttered back in 1837, that being in part: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”  It would appear that, in many ways, a large number of Americans have grown both sanguine and relaxed when it comes to their liberties, this due at least in part to a lack of both rejoinders and reminders from our media and our education system, not to mention the most culpable of all, our career politicians. 
The Antithesis of Liberty 
When we are faced with the antithesis of Liberty, the very thing one must always remember is that the idea itself is the enemy, the enemy’s primary weapon is ignorance and the force of this weapon is complete disinformation. 
The enemy, as we understand it, has become locked into one singular goal and that goal is the avowed destruction of our America as we know Her. But who is it, and why, become the next questions?  The answers are shrouded and complex, but one of the many reasons would be America’s long-standing tradition of Freedom, Liberty and individual self-determination.  So, why would anyone hate Freedom or Liberty or even free-will, some might ask?  One of the answers to that important question comes from the left-wing, who say that America has become far too powerful and far too potent as compared to the rest of the world’s Nations as a result of both her gargantuan free market, her potent military and still drearily dynamic economy. 
So, is this some nutty conspiracy theory that all of the world’s inhabitants know about except we Americans?  The answer is “No, not exactly,” but think of it as rather a sort of “movement” with a number of powerful individuals and groups manipulating the trend of events against the United States, and at some point it becomes undeniable with what we have seen thus far.  In fact, would anyone have the gall to call the unprecedented rise of Conservatism, along with the Tea Party’s ascension, a conspiracy?  The goals of both are essentially the same, where like-minded individuals are all working to achieve the same sort of end–that being the rescue of our Republic in its current form. Similarly, the goals of the radical left-wing are much the same but opposite and are certainly not hidden, but rather they are shrouded in disinformation and couched in ignorance.  Not so much a conspiracy but rather a movement in the darkness rather than the light. 
The Rise Of Left-Wing Capitalism 
The simple fact is that the stage for the rise of left-wing capitalism was set by the financial meltdown and the ascension of the  Left-Wing Capitalist in chief, Barack Obama. When we look back at the primary impetus of Obama’s strategy, which is his avowment for endless quantities of redistribution, and then note: 

  • A merciless pounding on the US Treasury by Obama’s penchant for outrageous annual spending
  • Secretary Geithner’s unrepentant loaning of US treasury funds to other Nations at the height of the meltdown
  • The world-wide  inflationary results of Quantitative easing
  • Obama’s avoidance at controlling America’s energy cost by inhibiting domestic drilling at the height of US financial strain and recovery potential

we can begin to see something both different and dangerous at work.  Our most recent attempts at selling America’s debt in the form of treasury bonds did not go so well, by the way. The President has many times stated his dislike of free market capitalism and is actively working towards the change that he certainly believes in with regard to eliminating it in America.  The President is backed by some powerful players and interests and has goals totally unlike his Democratic disciples regarding his ultimate spending goals, for the most part. 
While the Democrats, in general, appear to be wallowing in the politics of keeping their base fully funded and completely redistributed, what are the President’s ultimate goals and why?  Remember one thing that you have continually seen throughout this administration.  The achievement of Globalism and no borders or open society is the President’s final aim, and Globalism’s greatest single detractor is the United States Of America. 
So, as you watch the unfolding budgeting process, it becomes easy to bear one thing in mind that you will continuously observe–which confirms the premise of this  entire article.  The President, while giving the obligatory lip-service at the need for restraint in spending and to “live within our means” has actually fought every attempt at lowering the current and unsustainable spending levels by any appreciable amount.  Obama has threatened veto’s of anything meaningful, while the Senate Democrats have dug in their heels at any major cuts in spending, as well.  No doubt, the President was inwardly satisfied at the last $ 38.5 billion in cuts for the continuing resolution on spending, while the mainstream media laughably billed the Republicans as victors. 
Noting the fight for that mere pittance of a cut in the face of a $1.5 trillion current deficit should tell you all that you need to know at the attempts of the Left to bring down free market capitalism in America as per the Cloward-Piven over-spending strategy that we are currently seeing played out right now in AmeriKa at eclipse. 

“The greatest threat to mankind and civilization is the spread of the totalitarian philosophy. Its best ally is not the devotion of its followers but the confusion of its enemies. To fight it, we must understand it.” ~ Ayn Rand

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