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The follow is a verbatim copy of an anonymous letter sent to me after my email was published on the Charlotte Observer’s Opinion page.  I thought it might be of some interest to you.


October 21, 2012

Mr. Mel Morganstein
201 Glen Oaks Rd
Charlotte, NC 28270

Mr. Morganstein:

I am writing in response to your letter to the editor published in the October 19th Charlotte Observer.

You bemoan the fact that your daughter and grandchildren will have to pay the $1.16 billion tab for the Lynx Blue Line extension. If that troubles you, why is it that I can find no previous letter from you to the Observer regarding the $1.4 trillion Bush wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?  That figure should have you positively apoplectic! Oh, I forgot, you’re a Republican  yeah, you register as unaffiliated, but you vote Republican according to the Board of Election and your Facebook page is red as can be. As a Republican the fact that the national debt tripled under Reagan and doubled under Bush means nothing to you, but a light rail system that will actually be useful to society is a no-no. What about Medicare? It’s been contributing to the deficit for all the years you’ve been mooching benefits from the system.  You’re nothing but a fucking hypocrite! [sic]

An Unaffiliated Democrat

p.s. Just because you live in a half million dollar home doesn’t mean you are one of the blessed 1% that enjoys the lion’s share of Republican largess. I’ll bet you don’t even make the top 5% that get the scraps that the 1% leave behind.

p.p.s. – If I were a fat, ugly Jew like you, I wouldn’t post my picture on Facebook.

The following are my observations on this letter from the Anonymous Creep. I’m not going to comment on AC’s grammar and punctuation, let alone choice of language:

I am unaffiliated because I have not been happy with many positions and candidates of the Republican party! And, I will and HAVE not hesitated to vote for Democrats when I thought they were the better candidate. I did so in this election.

Useful Light Rail? It carries 1-2% of the commuters and costs the taxpayers $20  per trip.

I have no choice about being covered by Medicare or not other than living past age 65!

”half million home”  ~ I had no choice in the matter that this house was appraised by the county at fully one-third OVER market value, but that still falls far short of half a million dollars!

I did not realize that I was fat and ugly! They were spot-on regarding the Jew part!

AC actually looked up my address, voting record, county assessment records, and Facebook page! I’ll leave it up to readers to make their own conclusions about this person’s personality, etc.., but I do believe they have some anger management issues. I wonder if they are the same person that stole all the signs I had on my front property, including two for District Court candidates!

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