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Protest at John Boehner event in Charlotte


Charlotte Liberty fighters went to a John Boehner event in Charlotte NC. We went to protest his complete disregard for our convention process. If you are not familiar with his teleprompter scripted answers to the vote at the conventions, please see it on the youtube link below. I was a delegate at the RNC, and saw his actions first hand. This should enrage all Republicans.

The protest went well. It was a small crowd, so we were a good percentage of the people in the crowd. Five of us had made some homemade signs, and I printed out at Kinko’s a picture of the teleprompter saying, “The Ayes have it.” We all put up our signs at different times during his speech. We really threw him off his game. I have never seen a politician speak so little. His announcer spoke longer than he did. After the speech we all went up to shake his hand and gave him a piece of our mind. It was awesome, and I really feel he will think twice before he comes to NC. This kind of activism really hurts them, and puts a lot of pressure on him. He probably shook 15 peoples hands, and 7 of them were saying horrible things to him about his actions at the RNC. So all in all, I feel we really made a big difference. 

Here is the video of the event.

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