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Common Sense? Not!


The usual anti gun rights crowd, mostly Democrats, are evidently now reacting to the strong public backlash against the Emperor’s 19 royal edicts that severely impinge on the Constitutionally affirmed rights of every law abiding citizen to defend themselves and their families from harm. Many of these politicians are now pretending to be open-minded and are claiming that they are only looking to pass nothing more than “common sense” gun laws!
Look, if this crowd had a lick of common sense in the first place, they would not have ever supported imposing these assinine gun laws and especially these gun free zone laws from the start!

A simple common sense thought about human nature would come to the obvious conclusion as to what would happen, viz., that these zones would attract wackjobs bent on shooting helpless, defenseless, and disarmed victims.  And, unsurprisingly, mass shootings jumped up by a factor of FIVE after such laws were passed! But for one exception where the incompetent local sheriff in Tucson failed to arrest Jared Loughner and hold him for mental evaluation even after he threatened to kill people in his community college, ALL of these mass shootings have occurred in posted “gun free” zones. And all these antigun politicos did in response was to dig in their heels, tow the party line, and ignore the obvious rather than admit they had supported such a monumental mistake!

Now is the time to take what these people have to say with a large grain of salt, press our state governments to ignore the royal federal edicts, and work to eliminate all these “gun free” zones. We need to put the fear of God and armed citizens into the minds of people bent on harming their fellow human beings.  If they know that their intended victims might react very strongly against them and send them straight to hell, they will think twice or more about doing what they used to get away with. The best defense against rape, for example, is an armed woman!

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Mel Morganstein

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