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Charlotte, Get Your Hands Out of My Pocket Already!


Our very own Robin-Hood-in-Reverse, Hizzoner Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx and his sycophants on the City Council legally have the power to keep dipping into our pockets for every cockamamy glitter palace project that helps the fat cats in Charlotte! The problem is that they almost consistently hurt the “little people” here who pay the taxes. I guess they must be oblivious to it, and have no interest in winding down the habits of their kleptocracy!

The city that does not have money for sidewalks to keep little kids from getting run over but does to jackhammer perfectly good concrete walks and replace them with brick for the DNC, or $13 million of taxpayer money to buy an abandoned mall, has really gone too far when it’s taking in excess of $125 million FROM the economy in the form of doubled “prepared food and beverage tax” to give to a billionaire to “improve” his stadium. This is a place where scarcely more than a dozen games are played each year!

Understand, this tax is hurting everyone that eats out in Charlotte, even in deli’s, snack bars, anywhere prepared food or beverages are served. With restaurants in the city failing right and left, like the
landmark Pewter Rose giving up, Zinc announcing its closing, etc., it hurts HUNDREDS of businesses for the benefit of ONE business. And, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of patrons this tax is wacking, who may choose to NOT eat out instead, what about all of the thousands of restaurant and other food service employees who will be hurt by the council’s latest myopic ego trip into our wallets. Don’t we have enough people out of work in Charlotte already?

Mel Morganstein

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