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Glen Bradley on His Race for NCGOP Vice-Chair


Last Thursday in Kannapolis, NC a group of 200 2nd amendment supporters gathered at a townhall forum to discuss the topic of gun rights with members of law enforcement and elected officials, including Congressman Richard Hudson and State Representative Larry Pittman.  Other speakers included Paul Valone from Grassroots NC, Scott Cumbie, and former Representative Glen Bradley.  (Videos of speakers available HERE)

During Glen Bradley’s talk, he let slip that he intended to run for Vice Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party.  It was the first time he had announced that publicly.  Here is that portion of his speech.

I caught up with Glen afterwards and had a chance to ask him some questions regarding his run.

Why did you decide to run for VC?

“The Republican Party has a principle problem. We have compromised and compromised until we are often scarcely distinguishable from Democrats once we get into office. This has led the younger generations to flee the Republican Party often with nowhere to go but apathy, or to the Democrats who are at least honest about being big-government liberal progressives.

I have been asked by scores of people from the Constitutionalist movement to run for Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, but one of the primary jobs of the Chairman is fundraising, which I am terrible at. Although the support is there amongst constitutionalists, conservatives, and libertarians, I felt that running for a position which one of the primary duties I am under-qualified for was too much ‘ego’ and not enough working together for the common cause of returning constitutional and conservative values to North Carolina and the United States, so I opted instead to run for Vice Chairman, whose focus is more about outreach, principle, and party unity.”

What do you hope to accomplish with the office?

“One of the primary things I hope to accomplish is to expand the Republican Base into areas we have not held in 50 years. As a strict Constitutionalist without moderating the message or the platform, I was able to not just do well but to win the African American vote in Roanoke Rapids in 2010. I also bring a platform that has brought more of the younger generation into the Republican Party than at any time since Barry Goldwater. We can and must expand the Republican base into minority and younger demographics, or we will leave to our children a one party system of government under liberal Democratic rule.

Also, I hope to work to renew our commitment to the constitutional and conservative principles that have always led to our greatest victories and successes. If there are any lessons to be learned from history, it is that the more principled Republicans become, the better we do electorally, and the less principled we are, the worse we do electorally. We all want victory – I argue that the path to Republican victory is not compromise, but a principled stand.”

You bring a base of liberty voters, but how does your message translate to more establishment Republicans?

“Well, the Constitutionalists and the libertarians have a lot more common ground with the Tea Parties than people usually realize. These grassroots groups have been getting more and more frustrated with the lack of access over the last 4 years, and one of the biggest things I can bring to establishment Republicans is party unity. A house divided against itself cannot stand. For better or worse, constitutionalists, conservatives, libertarians, and Tea Partiers are now at a majority or a near majority of the Republican base. They cannot be ignored without bleeding off support and allowing people like Barack Obama to win office. Party unity will without fail translate into better results at the ballot box.

Also, and this is a more delicate issue, the Republican Party is by and large an aging demographic. As Republican activists grow older, we have been ineffective at bringing in younger Republicans to replace our veterans. We have lost the youth, because we have walked away from the principles we knew at our zenith. The establishment Republicans mostly recognize this, and have seen first hand that I and the principles I represent bring 18 to 40 year old Republicans like nobody they have ever seen, which is one reason why even many of the establishment Republican activists have quietly contacted me to encourage me to run for Vice Chairman of the Party.”

The Vice-Chairmanship is currently held by Cleveland County’s Wayne King. With King recently accepting the position of “Senior Adviser” with Congressman Mark Meadows, there is speculation that he will not seek re-election to the post. That would leave this leadership position wide open.

The NCGOP State convention will be held in Charlotte this summer and is when the election will take place.

In order to qualify as a voter in this election, make sure you attend tonight’s Mecklenburg GOP precinct meetings. (If you are a Mecklenburg resident…otherwise check with your local GOP.)

Bradley supporters have set up a Facebook Page to keep folks up to date with the campaign.

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