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I was forwarded a great email by a reader this afternoon.  Apparently, Davidson College is playing host to an event for middle and high school students called the “YouthDavidson Impact Summit”.  Sounds great.  Young folks getting involved, making a difference.  Here is the program description from the Davidson College website as part of an ask for volunteers.

The Impact Summit is a large-scale youth leadership and civic engagement conference for local Middle and High School students. The event is scheduled on Saturday February 16th from 8:30 until 3:30 (we will need volunteers from 7:30 until 4:30) and the attendees will participate in a variety of issue-based workshops led by local non-profit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and academics. Volunteers will be served lunch and will work in one of many different teams performing tasks such as hall and classroom monitoring, registration, food preparation and tear down, and mentoring student attendees. All volunteers are asked to sign up for either a full or half day time slot and must attend one of the volunteer training meetings the week before the event.

Local schools are getting involved in this effort and are promoting it to students.  Here is an email sent to parents of  middle schoolers at the Community School of Davidson, a charter school.

Dear Middle School Families,

The Director of Youth Davidson, Aric Reviere visited our school this morning and spoke to the middle school students prior to dismissal from the gym.  He told the students about The Impact Summit.  This event is a day-long youth leadership and civic engagement summit, during which students will attend workshops led by non-profit leaders and community issue experts from around the Charlotte Mecklenburg area. Further the event is entirely free and the group will be serving food as well.

He would love to have as many Community School of Davidson students at the event as possible!  We have attached the registration form and flyer for the event.  We also have extra copies of the form at the front desk.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Aric with the information below: Aric Reviere Director of Youth Davidson Davidson College ’15<>

Kathleen McMillan

Student Enrichment

I can only imagine that this program is being equally encouraged by faculty at other area middle and high schools as well.  (If you are a parent and have received any such correspondence, please let PunditHouse know!)

Now, here is the kicker.

Let’s take a look at the mentioned flyer and get a sense for the activities our little heads full of mush will be asked to participate in.

I won’t list them all here as you can click the link above to view the sign-up form, but jumping out at me are such important courses as:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Gender Identity and Conflict
  • Immigrant and Refugee Populations
  • Religious Tolerance
  • Access to Food and Water

I’m guessing you are starting to see the point.

Conspicuously lacking from course offerings are “How too much government is hurting families” and “The Founders Principles of Freedom”.

I’d certainly never dare to prevent any group from meeting and talking about whatever they want to, but if public school resources are being used to help promote this event, that is where a line needs to be drawn.  I can almost guarantee you that the same courtesy wouldn’t be shown to a conservative group offering to host a Youth Summit.

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