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Laura Ingraham Stomps Bill O’Reilly On Immigration Bill


It’s been known for some time (and is very apparent in his popular nightly television show on Fox News) that Bill O’Reilly has bought into the present ill-conceived immigration push now proceeding in the U. S. Senate. Usually, when addressing the topic, O’Reilly is his usual belligerent self, beating down any opponent. But not tonight. Tonight he met his match in the feisty talk show host Dr. Laura Ingraham.

As the conversation began, the subject was a proposed amendment to the already-1,000 page “gang of eight” immigration bill now making its way through the Senate. Two Republican senators, Bob Corker of Tennessee and John Hoeven of North Dakota, have put forward an amendment that would, they say, “strengthen the bill” by increasing border security, e-Verify, and some other measures. O’Reilly, who had just interviewed another GOP senator, a junior member of the “gang of eight,” Jeff Flake of Arizona (whose last name denotes more than just his family origin!), approvingly asked Ingraham what she thought of the amendment, stating, “don’t you think this will strengthen it,” and “shouldn’t we all get behind it now?”

Before O’Reilly could hardly get the words out of his mouth, Ingraham jumped all over the so-called amendment, tearing it apart: you see, most the items listed in the amendment are already on the books; our government should be doing them NOW, but, of course, Janet Napolitano and Barack Obama aren’t. Then she raised the issue of the many billions of dollars the amendment would require. Corker and Hoeven state that the funding will come from the very illegals who will get legal status and who would begin paying taxes–that is, this amendment seeks to supposedly stem the tide of illegals coming in, but it will be paid for by illegals who do come in. O’Reilly defended this, but Ingraham pummeled him on the issue.

The most pregnant moment came when Ingraham stated what we all know now as fact: that this bill was written by leftist Democrat Senators Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin, and by Barack Obama (whose White House staff is directing its progress), with the supine connivance of the pygmy-brained John McCain and his less-than-stellar side-kick, Lindsey Graham. O’Reilly did not challenge Ingraham on this fact, but rather insisted: “So what? Just because legislation is written and proposed by Obama and the Democrats doesn’t make it bad?” Ingraham looked at him incredulously: “You actually believe that Obama and his cronies should receive our support on this measure which will only help Democrats insure their permanent control of the US for the foreseeable future?”

O’Reilly replied that John McCain had assured him that the bill would be good for Republicans and the US, because, he said, “Latinos hate us.” Again, Ingraham disputed strongly this assertion, citing several polls contradicting O’Reilly (and earlier a similar canard uttered this past weekend by Lindsey Graham). “You actually belief John McCain on this?” she queried. “Yes,” replied O’Reilly. “But why,” she continued. “Because he told me so,” was O’Reilly’s pitiful response.

By the end of the segment, O’Reilly’s high-flying “Lincoln-author-as-brilliant-historian-and-brow-beating-TV-personality” had gone down in flames. Dr. Laura had sent a couple of dozen V-2 rockets into his arguments, which left him in obviously-disagreeable smoldering ruins.

Now, I don’t hear Ingraham’s radio program; no local station carries it hereabouts. I have no idea what she thinks on other issues. But if she is anything like this over the radio waves, maybe it might be interesting to give her an occasional listen…..

The sad fact emerging in all this chatter, however, is the continuing cave and auto-destruction of the national Republican Party. You couldn’t do a better job of committing collective suicide, if you swallowed a gallon of arsenic, topping it off with a dessert cocktail of poison mushrooms. The present triumph of the multicultural neo-Marxist Left in America has taken at least sixty years to bring to fruition. And its most significant victory along the way was to convince/convert the “establishment Republicans and conservatives” to accept their same premises about equality, progress, and liberal democracy as the Left. Once this was achieved (with the neo-conservatives in the vanguard), the “loyal opposition” was incapable of mounting real opposition to the leftward, “progressive,” dynamic. And thus we see the unrelentingly disreputable and disgusting results today.

So, small events, like tonight’s pasting of Bill O’Reilly by Laura Ingraham, leaving the “Lincoln expert” in flames, is like a moment when the sun breaks through. I wonder if Bill will have Dr. Laura back any time soon?

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