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Left Wins Youth by False Narrative


Been reading too many simple, partisan thoughts from young liberals lately. Time to break it down:

Most young people are ‘left-leaning’ because they’ve been convinced by left-wing institutions than it’s the ‘tolerant’ thing to do. They have very little substantive or philosophical understanding of contemporary liberalism. Draconian government measures aren’t progressive, they’re a throwback to the Dark Ages. Only now there’s a shiny coat of paint and lots of technology, buzzing and beeping to disguise the nature of government force.

Here’s what happened: One faction of political establishment defined their right-wing opponents in false terms; various avenues were used. Media, academia, art– young people were indoctrinated into thinking that being ‘right-leaning’ is hateful. Anything seen as discriminatory, anything that’s illustrated as class warfare, automatically gets categorized as ‘conservative’ — despite the intellectual illegitimacy of such categorization. For most young people, it’s a pat-myself-on-the-back approach to modern politics to call themselves liberal. Lazy and self-congratulating.

Most by-default modern liberals have never stopped to evaluate policies or ask a self-proclaimed conservative why they believe in limiting and reigning in government. Political scientist RJ Rummel estimates that governments killed 262 million human beings in the last century. Democide.

One might say ‘that’s an extreme example’. Okay then, let’s talk about one that hits closer to home: the most evil of all government money-making schemes in my opinion– property tax.

If you are down to absolutely nothing– you’d still have your land to cultivate; to grow food on, to live and sleep on. But not if the state claims ownership. After their land is taken from them.. one might still have a car, freedom to travel and start over in a more economically viable community. Not if they can’t shell out money for my car tax; the government wants its cut. You do as the government demands, or they take your means to live away. And sometimes if you don’t cooperate– as those 262 million dead proved– sometimes they kill you.

George Washington stated this clearly: Government is force. It is not reason, it is not eloquent.

Ask me again why I’m not a liberal.

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