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Questions About Obamacare


The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was sold to the American people as a plan that would provide health insurance to forty million uninsured Americans, and make health insurance affordable to the middle class, without affecting those that liked their existing coverage. The public was told that the cost of health insurance would be lower for most people because of the efficiency of this innovative government plan. Obama also told the public that this bill would help businesses and the economy by lowering health care costs for everyone, without creating any new government debt. Those with a basic understanding of economics were skeptical of his promises.

In considering whether Obamacare will be good for the country each person should ask himself the following questions:

-If  Obamacare is good why not make it voluntary? Why is every person in the country being forced to participate? If the law is truly beneficial won’t people sign-up voluntarily?

-Why don’t I have the option to buy either Obamacare or whatever coverage I want from a private insurer without the requirement for mandatory coverages?

-If Obamacare is good why is congress exempting itself, some unions and some businesses from immediate compliance with the law?

-What gives the federal government the power to force me to buy insurance (or anything else) for my own good?

-If the government has the power to force me buy a product for my own good, is there any limit to the Federal Government’s power over the individual? Could I also be forced to join Weight Watchers if a Health and Human Services employee decided that I needed to lose weight?

-Who is going to pay the billions of additional annual tax dollars necessary to pay the thousands of new Federal employees needed to administer this law?

-Since the required healthcare adds to the cost of hiring new employees won’t employers hire fewer employees or hire part time employees, since a basic law of economics states– “less is demanded at a higher price?”

-Won’t the thousands of pages of  new regulations require billions of dollars in new costs to businesses that that are required to comply with the law?

-How do you think this added employee and compliance costs will affect the competitiveness of American business in the world market?

-Will the law make moving business operations overseas more attractive to businesses forced to compete in a global market?

-Will the added  employee and compliance costs to businesses cause them to raise domestic prices for all consumer goods, and cause the failure of struggling businesses?

-Obama plans to cut costs by forcing drug companies to provide drugs at a lower price. Won’t his plan cause a shortage of drugs, since a basic law of economics states–“less is supplied when the price is held artificially low.”

-Who is paying the premiums for those who can’t afford coverage? Why disguise this law as a plan to benefit everyone, when this is really another social welfare program that is primarily intended to redistribute income by forcing solvent taxpayers to pay the way for everyone else?

-If the purpose of this plan is to help those who currently have no access to healthcare, why not directly pay for their care rather than forcing everyone into a plan that distorts the entire market for healthcare by replacing voluntary private transactions with government mandates, regulations and a massive bureaucracy?

-Won’t the law create healthcare shortages, since forty million people that are not receiving healthcare will now receive comprehensive healthcare benefits, without a corresponding increase in doctors, hospitals and equipment? How will the scarce resources be rationed, since prices will no longer be allowed to serve that function?

-A basic law of economics states–“more is demanded at a lower price.” If forty million new people are provided with access to comprehensive healthcare at no cost to themselves, won’t the increased demand drive up costs and cause shortages?

There is often a vast difference between the stated purpose of a law and its actual consequences. An honest consideration of the questions listed above should cause even supporters of the law to have grave doubts about its long term effects.

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