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Former NC Rep John Rhodes to Speak on Reports of Pay To Play Surrounding Rep.Thom Tillis

John Rhodes

John Rhodes

Former State Representative John Rhodes (unaffiliated) will speak on the disturbing issues of a culture of corruption and pay to play politics as recently reported surrounding Representative (Speaker) Thom Tillis (R) Mecklenburg office and the ongoing abuses against the legislative body, fellow representatives, and against the people of North Carolina by the Speaker.  Rhodes will make comments at the Cornelius Town Hall beginning at 11:00 am on Friday March 21, 2014.

Representative Rhodes served in the N.C. House from 2003-07 representing the 98th House District and was named 2005 Legislator of The Year by Americans For Prosperity. John Rhodes called on legislative leaders to resign on March 22, 2005 while investigations for wrongdoing could be conducted. The then Speaker of the House from Mecklenburg and other legislative leaders later either went to federal prison for corruption in public office, were thrown out of the legislature, or stepped down.

Representative Rhodes states,  “According to reports, the questionable activities surrounding the Republican Speaker’s office appear to be worse and more egregious than when the other party was in charge.  The N.C. House appears to have been turned into a political ATM campaign cash machine for Rep. (Speaker) Tillis, in his Senate run and that really is abusive and unacceptable.”

Rhodes is not affiliated with any political party and has no plans or desire at all to run for public office.  He will make comments beginning at 11:00 on Friday March 21st at the Cornelius Town Hall.

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