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Bush Campaign Underway in NC

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush

The first shot across the bow for domination of Presidential politics in North Carolina visited my inbox yesterday.  I received an email from Theresa Kostrzewa touting former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Kostrzewa is a 19 year veteran of NC politics currently working for Capital Results, a “full-service public affairs and business consulting firm with offices in the state capitals of Virginia and North Carolina providing Public Relations, Government Affairs and New Media services to a wide range of companies, associations and government entities.”  She has served as a panelist on the political talk show NC Spin and has appeared on Carolina Business Review, On the Record and as a guest political analyst on WRAL-TV.

I’m not sure how this group received my personal email address.  I’ve never done any business with them.  Nonetheless, campaign season is heating up, and for a change, North Carolina may actually matter as a result of 2013’s HB 589 which moved the NC Primary to the Tuesday following South Carolina’s “First in the South” Primary.

Ms. Kostrzewa’s email was the following, and it came from a Gmail account, not her business address, which is interesting. It’s pretty apparent that the Bush campaign has hired the firm.  Folks in her position don’t tend to be the volunteer activist type.

I am excited to share the news that Governor Jeb Bush expects to schedule an event in North Carolina by late Spring.  I’m reaching out to folks in North Carolina to see who is interested in supporting him.
Governor Bush passionately believes that the Right to Rise — to move up the income ladder based on merit, hard work and earned success — is the central moral promise of American economic life.  His Mission Statement is attached.
He has started two Right to Rise PACS (click to read mission statement).  One is a regular PAC that accepts contributions up to $5000 per person.  The other is a Super PAC, which can take unlimited personal and corporate contributions.
This is a volunteer effort at this stage, so it would be helpful if you would be so kind as to let me know if:
1.  You are interested in receiving information about his visit;
2.  You would like to join me in being part of his leadership team and raising money for the Governor’s efforts — I will send you additional information;
3.  You would like to contribute!
Here are links to a few articles exemplifying Governor Bush’s impact throughout the country already:
I look forward to hearing from you.


So now that the battle is on, the question remains as to who else will step up early enough to build the organization necessary to compete in NC.  Clearly I do not support Jeb Bush, so hopefully we start seeing some momentum from liberty loving candidates in the near future.  For now though, the Bush campaign has officially begun.  Be afraid, be very afraid.


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