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Not Just About Bathrooms


With a 6-5 vote on Monday, the Charlotte City Council defeated the proposed changes that would have amended sections of the city code to extend nondiscrimination language to five new characteristics: familial status, marriage status, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

This was the correct outcome.

Supporters of both positions were out in force to make their case.  120 signed up to speak at the meeting.  Hundreds rallied outside of the government center prior to the meeting.

It was encouraging to see such passion on display for an issue being voted on by local government.  I wish issues regarding the fiscal strength of Charlotte were as passionately debated.  Propose tax hikes and “incentive” packages to millionaires, and nobody seems to care.

The biggest point of contention was a section allowing transgendered people to use the restroom of their choice.  While this was ultimately removed from the proposal, doing so turned two original “yes” votes into “no” votes (Mayfield and Autry) because they “couldn’t vote for a half measure”.

In the end, I believe the result was correct, but not for any of the reasons I have heard yet discussed.

This wasn’t about discrimination, pedophilia, bathroom privileges, or Biblical principles. This was about liberty and property rights.

I fully believe that all of these so called “non discrimination ordinances” are absolutely the wrong place for government involvement. I don’t believe government itself should discriminate against anyone, as they represent everyone, but private citizens and businesses should never be prohibited from doing so.

If you want to talk minority rights, there is no minority so few in number than the individual. Each individual has decisions to make on how they choose to interact with others, and those decisions should be honored. It may be that a white man chooses not to allow black men in his establishment…or vice versa. Someone may choose to run a business that only caters to blonde haired, blue eyed women over 5’9”. That’s their choice.

I find the free market will quickly create equilibrium here as people so bigoted as to deny customers on such pettiness will probably go out of business pretty fast. But that is the market deciding, not any government entity.

I say let the discriminators come clean and show their true colors, not hide behind a government ordinance to mask their true feelings.

I’m glad this failed. It’s a victory for individual freedom and property rights.

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