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SB346 Just “Mostly Dead”


Miracle-Max1-608x333The Charlotte Observer reports that the Senate sponsors of SB346 have declared the bill “dead”.

“After hearing serious concerns about stricter vaccine and immunization requirements from our constituents and from citizens across the state, we have decided we will not move forward,” the three said in a statement. “The bill is dead.”

The three primary sponsors of the SB346 (Jeff Tarte, Tamara Barringer, and Terry Van Duyn) sought to expand childhood vaccinations and end a religious exemption for parents who oppose them.  The bill kicked off a firestorm of activism in opposition.

While this should be considered great news to opponents, not all are convinced the bill is *actually* dead.

Like Westley from the Princess Bride or the Black Knight from Monty Python’s Holy Grail, some things just don’t die so easily.

Recognizing this, opponents have once again taken to Social Media to outline what they see as an error in messaging committed by those rejoicing a successful defeat.

One particular message was posted by Jeannette Wilson, who sent the following to members of the Senate.

I know you all are tiring of emails and calls regarding SB346. I’ve heard that the bill is “dead” because it will not be heard in the Health Committee during this session. Concerned constituents know that this only makes the bill dormant, not dead. I am a brand-new activist, so please correct me if I’m wrong, but the only way the bill is really DEAD is if it is voted down when brought forward for the vote. That has not happened yet. Senator Tarte has an ‘open’ health care bill that can be amended with new language and withdrawing his support of SB346 is not the same as withdrawing the bill and its contents. This is something he refused to do when this whole ‘dialogue’ began and he had the opportunity. When asked if he would pull the bill before it’s first reading, I have a recorded quote of him saying, “That’s not gonna happen” and “Well the bill’s not going away.”

I have met with this man in person and do not trust anything he says at this point regarding the content of this bill and his intentions. And just because he had a press release doesn’t mean he’s honest. Jeff Tarte, quoted in this article, says, “It’s just easier to let the whole thing calm down,… it’s better to just leave it alone right now.” {emphasis mine} Does that sound DEAD to you? Do you think it will sound DEAD to those that have called and written over the last week? It sounds like his white flag is on the end of a shotgun, so you understand that I cannot and will not let up on communicating my concerns about religious freedoms and parental rights!

If it will not be moved forward by the Health Committee for a “no” vote, then it seems the only thing left for me and other concerned NC voters to request that pressure be applied to Sen. Jeff Tarte to understand the ramifications of the can of worms he opened up. Please don’t be angry and frustrated at the volume of calls, visits and emails from concerned parents, grandparents and individuals. Here’s my idea, turn your frustration to the Senators that sponsored this horribly crafted bill. I’m pretty new at this, but I think you should apply pressure by calls, visits and emails to Sen. Jeff Tarte’s office and tell him you won’t touch anything with the language of SB346 in it during the remainder of this session, or the next session to come. Make sure you contact him more than once. Just think of it as returning the favor for what your office has received this last week!

I’m confident that a voted down, truly dead bill will be the only way you will see a decline in communications on this issue. People involved enough to call, write, and visit won’t settle for anything less, and we’re watching now.

I do not want a stalled bill.
I do not want a study bill.
I do not want an amended bill.
I do not want an ‘unsupported’ bill.
I do not want a tabled bill.
I do not want an ‘essentially’ dead bill.

I only want a TOTALLY DEAD BILL…lifeless, perished, pushing up daisies, cold, only remembered in the archives, passed away, extinct, bought the farm, gone over the Big Ridge, number’s up, kicked the bucket, taking the dirt nap, arriving in the pine box kind of bill. And I want to make sure it’s contents don’t ever show up again.

RULE 46. Unfavorable report by committee. – All bills reported unfavorably by the committee to which they were referred shall lie upon the table but may be taken from the table and placed upon the calendar by a two thirds vote of the membership of the Senate present and voting.

RULE 53. Effect of defeated measure. – (a) After a bill has been tabled, or has failed to pass on any of its readings, the contents of such bill or the principal provisions of its subject matter shall not be embodied in any other measure. After an amendment has been tabled or defeated on the Senate floor, the contents of such amendment or the principal provisions of its subject matter shall not be embodied in any other measure. If a substitute amendment is adopted on the floor, the contents of the previously pending amendment which are not contained in the substitute shall be considered to have been defeated. Upon the point of order being raised and sustained by the Presiding Officer, such measure shall be laid upon the table and shall not be taken therefrom except by a vote of two thirds of the membership of the Senate present and voting: Provided, no local bill shall be held by the Presiding Officer as embodying the provisions of, or being identical with, any statewide measure which has been laid upon the table or failed to pass any of its readings.

(b) When a bill has been postponed indefinitely by the Senate, the bill shall lie upon the table and shall not be taken therefrom except by a vote of two thirds of the membership of the Senate present and voting.

RULE 54. Taking bill from table. – No bill which has been laid upon the table shall be taken therefrom except by a vote of two thirds of the membership of the Senate present and voting.

Thank you,

Jeannette Wilson
Born and raised and living in NC

In other words, it’s not over until it’s *really* over.

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‘Tis but a flesh wound!

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