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Michele Nix for NCGOP Vice-Chair


My name is Michele Nix and I’m running for the NC Republican Party Vice-Chairman position.  The Republican Party needs those in leadership who can and will attract like-minded individuals from all walks of life, including minorities and youth.

My vision for the North Carolina Republican Party is to instill the core values of Strength and Unity which will ensure Victory in 2016 and beyond. I’ve had the honor of speaking at several District Conventions in the past several weeks.  In Lenoir County, where I now serve my third term as County Chairman, we are split into three (3) Congressional Districts, the First, Third, and Seventh, and this has made my job as Chairman all the more interesting.

I’ve met hundreds of new passionate Republicans on the campaign trail, along with old friends. I am a loud, proud, bold, red-Republican and I plan to stand in the current gap between the grassroots and the party to make all of our voices heard and bring our party forward for 2016 and the future!

This video gives a good outline of where I stand on key issues and my plan for the NCGOP.

Experience and Commitment

I am honored to receive NC Republican Party Chairman, Claude Pope’s support and endorsement. I hope to further strengthen party unity by working with all wings of the Republican Party. One thing I do want to make clear – I am running independently. I will, however, work with whomever is elected to the Chairman position to accomplish mutual goals and uphold the Party Platform and our Core Principles.  My experience within the Republican Party structure, with the Eastern NC Tea Party, and with the Republican Liberty Caucus of NC enables me to “stand in the gap” bringing Unity to our NC Republican Party.  Without Party unity North Carolina will not win in 2016.

Follow the Campaign on Social Media

A large plank on my platform is expanding the party through social media. As Vice-Chairman, I plan to facilitate training sessions for party leaders and activists so that our message of limited government, free markets, and personal freedom can be spread to minorities and youth. Please follow these social media accounts listed below:

Instagram: MicheleNixNCGOP
Snapchat: MicheleNixNCGOP
If you’re one Twitter follow: MicheleNixNCGOP


How Can You Help?

If you are a delegate to the NC GOP Convention I am asking for your vote.  If you are not a delegate, please share this information with a delegate from your county. Thank you!

If you have a PayPal account, contributions may be made

By Mail:  The Committee to Elect Michele Nix, 3003 Hillman Rd., Kinston, NC 28504.

Contributions are non-reportable (due to the campaign being for an intra-Party office) and are not tax deductible.


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