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Marcus Philemon is a Charlotte native who is concerned about the direction our city is going. He started working for United Parcel Service back in the late 80’s where he accepted a management position lasting through the early to mid 90’s. Since leaving UPS, he has ran several successful businesses and currently owns and operates Philemon Realty and Renovation, a real estate brokerage and renovation company. Disturbed with the level of repeat offenders in Mecklenburg county, he helped found CharMeck Court Watch and is currently the active Executive Director.

Code Pink’s Audacity

I know this doesn’t fall under my typical coverage of criminal justice, but I just felt compelled to briefly respond to the nonsense of this situation. While listening to the NRA’s recent press conference on the Sandy Hook situation, I found it ironic that Code Pink interrupted the news conference blaming the NRA for killing our […]

December 24, 2012 | Posted in Marcus Philemon,National | Read More »

CharMeck Court Watch Judicial Forum

September 25, 2012 | Posted in House Mail | Read More »

Felonious Ignorance

The decision to veto the repeal of the Racial Justice Act by Governor Beverly Perdue is both hypocritical and ignorant of epic proportions.  I have come to this conclusion based on the fact that Governor Perdue just signed legislation by the name of Justice Re-Investment Act.  The biggest purpose of this Act, supposedly, is to […]

January 5, 2012 | Posted in Marcus Philemon | Read More »

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