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With Friends Like These…

Both Nationally and right here in North Carolina, it seems the only thing separating the Rs from the Ds is gay rights and abortion. They both want to use tax policy to control the population, they both want to screw the little guy in favor of the Banks and other large corporations, they both wantonly […]

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Stay Out of Syria!

Watching former Vice-President Dick Cheney this morning on the Fox News program with Chris Wallace, and having (unavoidably, sorry to say!) heard Senator John McClain earlier this past week urge stepped up involvement on behalf of the rebels in the Syrian civil war, the reasons why I never cared for these two politicos came rushing […]

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Republican Platform Amended to Oppose HOT Lanes

This weekend’s Republican State Convention was a victory for party members and citizens of North Carolina opposed to the NCDOT’s plans to add High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes. With overwhelming support, two amendments were added to the platform that demonstrate the Party’s opposition to the plan to implement HOT lanes on I-77 and other highways […]

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Tillis Walks Out on Party Faithful Over Tolls

At this weekend’s North Carolina GOP convention, some Widen I-77 supporters introduced an amendment to the party platform and a resolution opposing toll lanes. What happened over the course of the last couple of days was nothing short of high political theater.  First some background. The current GOP platform states: We oppose government-sanctioned tracking of […]

June 10, 2013 | Posted in Carolinas | Read More »

Legislating Morality vs Legislating Morally

*This post is courtesy of Jordon Greene Something to remember this coming week at the NCGOP Convention when electing a Vice-Chairman. Some, specifically one running for Vice-Chair, refuse to understand that we liberty-minded folks do not want to remove morality from politics or government; such would be illogical and dangerous. They say we want to […]

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NC Public Charter Schools Association Job Fair

NC Public Charter Schools Association to Hold Job Fair The NC Public Charter Schools Association will host a charter school job fair on June 13 from 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM at 1000 Anderson St. in Charlotte. Anthony Rodriguez from the NC Public Charter Schools Association said, “The job fair will be a great opportunity for new […]

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An Open Letter to Huntersville Commissioner Sarah McAulay‏

**Submitted by Kurt Naas of Dear Commissioner McAulay, The Mecklenburg Union Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MUMPO) Public Involvement Plan states that MUMPO is “committed to meaningful public involvement in the regional transportation planning process. MUMPO believes public participation is not a simple “add on” or “after thought,” but a method that guarantees high quality transportation […]

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What the Washington Scandals Have in Common with Charlotte Politics

The political world has been breathlessly watching as the Obama Administration has been rocked by three political scandals. The suppression of details surrounding the death of four in Benghazi (including a US Ambassador), the targeting of certain political groups and individuals by the IRS, and the disturbing amount of investigation by government officials into the […]

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Denied! Citzens Silenced at MUMPO Meeting

 *Submitted by Kurt Naas, spokesman for About thirty people made the trek to downtown Charlotte for the big MUMPO I-77 toll lane vote tonight (Wednesday).  Eighteen people signed up to speak during the public comment period. Individuals are allotted three minutes apiece; groups have ten minutes. Before the meeting, MUMPO Chair Sarah McAulay came […]

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An Excellent Illustration of the Seen and the Unseen of Regionalism

This week’s fun event (see link) brought to you by a friendly NC Regional Council of Government and paid for with your taxes. Wonder why we’re having to look at really bad ideas like toll roads? It’s because we’re spending tax money on this kind of activity. And this is an excellent illustration of Bastiat’s “Seen and the Unseen” […]

May 20, 2013 | Posted in National | Read More »

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