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Hurricanes, C02, and the Death of Civilization

If one follows the arguments about Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), one becomes aware the subject is very politicized and is not just about science, but about control over the economy and man’s behavior. An example of this politicization comes in the Charlotte Observer’s Monday issue on page C1 “Hurricanes ‘burp’ the Estuaries” is the title and […]

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Paradigm Lost: GOP Fails to Articulate the Larger Issue of Obamacare

Imagine a scenario where the Federal government decides there’s a service so worthwhile everyone in the country should have it. In consultation with industry, the Feds develop regulations to make universal service a reality. The result is a complex piece of legislation that, in addition to universality, has two major outcomes. First, the industry is […]

January 17, 2014 | Posted in Christian Hine,House Blends,National | Read More »

Irony Defined: NAACP Bullies VIP for Confidential Records

Christmas was postponed indefinitely last month for the Voter Integrity Project after the NAACP served an expansive subpoena for the records of VIP on Friday, December 20, 2013. “We won’t take this bullying lightly, but do marvel at their hypocrisy,” said Jay DeLancy, Chief Executive of the Voter Integrity Project-NC. “It looks like they’re employing […]

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Santa: Clearly a Conservative

Header aside, a brief editorial moment to thank you for visiting our site and participating in our comments section.  (Yes, even you Zon!) It’s hard to believe we are finishing our fourth year online.  This has been a particularly challenging year, but rest assured, we wholeheartedly believe that there is both a need and a […]

December 24, 2013 | Posted in Christian Hine,House Blends | Read More »

What Beer Do Gods Drink?

Outrage may be starting to ensue…. Upset Hindus have urged Asheville (North Carolina) based Asheville Brewing Co. to apologize and withdraw its Indian Pale Ale beer carrying image of Lord Shiva, calling it highly inappropriate. This beer, named as “Shiva”, displays the image of Hindu Lord Shiva in Nataraja form. Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement […]

December 16, 2013 | Posted in Carolinas,House Blends,House Guests | Read More »

Tweet-le Dumb or Media Rabbit Chasing

The Panthers victory over the New York Jets and the Saints loss to the Rams wasn’t the only news being tweeted out across the Twitter-verse yesterday. Appearing on the front page of the Charlotte Observer online today is the story of Senator Bob Rucho’s tweet yesterday morning that has ignited a Twitter war. Depending on […]

December 16, 2013 | Posted in Carolinas,Christian Hine,House Blends | Read More »

Our Freefall Into Tyranny

Until the founders made their declaration of independence and gave us the Constitution, humanity’s condition was that of ruler and subject. That relationship had changed little for 5000 years. And then, for the first time in history, America’s founders championed the idea that ALL of our rights came from our creator, that the citizen is […]

December 10, 2013 | Posted in House Blends,House Guests | Read More »

When Oz Breaks Down

We like to think the laws we have and the men and women of law enforcement protect us from devolving into a world of anarchy and chaos. However, like most things we’re conditioned to believe, this is nothing more than a carefully crafted and perilously maintained illusion.  An illusion that every once in a while […]

December 10, 2013 | Posted in House Blends,House Guests,National | Read More »

Generation TEA

The nature of politics is undergoing a radical transformation.  Our two party system is no longer meeting the needs of a growing number of activists.  Historically, the Republican Party was able to represent the interests of right of center conservatives.  With issues becoming more complex, and expectations of activists changing, this is no longer the […]

December 6, 2013 | Posted in Carolinas,Christian Hine,House Blends,House Specials,National | Read More »

The Housing Recovery: A Fool’s Paradise

The DOW, S&P, and NASDAQ are at record highs. Home prices jumped 13.29%, the most since 2006, with average appreciation at 11% this year. Housing permits are surging, best since June 2008. New HELOC (home equity lines of credit) approvals are back to pre-crisis highs. Renovation spending, paid for by HELOCs, is predicted to be […]

November 27, 2013 | Posted in House Blends | Read More »

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