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NC House Republicans Waffling On Agenda 21


As many of you know, the U.N.’s Agenda 21 protocols are aimed at bypassing the U.S. Constitution to override private property rights in favor “smart growth” policies that shovel taxpayer money to “green agenda” environmentalists, setting the stage for taxpayer-funded light rail, alternative energy schemes, and carbon tax scams.

North Carolina conservative activists have been fighting leftists for years to preserve private property rights, but now it looks like NC House Republicans might be about to cave in to progressive special interests.

The  Local Sustainable Food Policy Council is an advisory board funded by taxpayers operating under the authority of the NC Department of Agriculture. The Council’s job is to provide advice to policymakers with the goal of strengthening NC farms and local food producers.

However, there is a move on to re-insert into the Council’s charter previously removed language promoting the U.N.’s Agenda 21, which opposes the use of fossil fuels and pushes earmarking taxpayer money for politically favored “sustainable” development, instead of letting the free market work.

The House Agriculture Committee was slated to meet today, June 12, to discuss this change.  That means legislators need to hear from you.

Contact Rep. Thom Tillis at 919-733-3451 or by email at and tell him to oppose Agenda 21 in North Carolina. Also contact Rep. James Langdon, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee, at 919-733-5849 or by email at and tell him to oppose re-inserting Agenda 21/Sustainability language into the Local Sustainable Food Policy Council charter.

Time is of the essence; act now!

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