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For Issues To Win, People Must Identify With Messenger


Recently, Pundit House contributor Adam Love asked folks if they were angry with people who voted for Obama.  I gave it much thought, and realize that most of my anger (more like disappointment) is directed at the Republican Party for not have a clear, concise message.

Romney refused to spell out where he would cut government spending or what tax loopholes he would close. Hence, the American people were left with the impression that his message was “Trust me”.

Unfortunately, in our last election (2008), the people were given a candidate in Obama that made grandiose promises but provided scant detail as to how we deliver “hope and change”.  The days of “trust me” are gone.  Even though Obama, by all accounts – even most Democrats – failed to bring virtually any positive change, “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know” mentality prevailed at election time.  I blame Romney for the people not knowing him or his plan.

The one Democrat who voted for Obama that I am angry with was someone I’ve spent a LOT of time with explaining politics and economics. He said that he felt Obama could “better relate to what his sons were going through” (he is black and has two sons in their earlie 20’s – one of whom is struggling to find work, the other has a low paying retail job.) He felt Romney couldn’t relate to their plight.  I asked him (prior to the election) what policies Obama had to lower unemployment and reduce the debt (which would help curb inflation) – and he had no answer. I told him Romney wanted to reduce the debt by cutting duplicate programs; increasing oversight on all areas of spending; and put a budget in place to increase accountability.  I further informed my friend that Romney would help the private sector create jobs by:   reducing federal regulations to encourage industry; increase domestic coal/natural gas/oil production (which would drive energy prices lower and increase employment in energy production); he make  would make “permanent” changes to the tax code (instead of kicking the can down the road, and removing the uncertainty that undermines business planning); and a Romney/Ryan administration would make changes to entitlement programs that will ensure their stability and sustainability.

I also told him that Obama advocated for partial-birth abortion (as did his wife), an issue that every sane person finds objectionable. The President didn’t have near the difficulties in his childhood that his (my friends) sons endured, including getting some type of aid to attend Harvard (possibly applying as a foreign student, but undetermined since he refuses to release his tax records – oops – student transcripts).

So, we haven’t spoken since the election, despite our prior daily  chats (or text exchanges) as I feel that he either (1) hasn’t heard me, or (2) simply voted for Obama because he is black. I don’t tolerate racism from my white friends – and will call them out on it or even disassociate myself with them if it’s egregious, and I’m not going to tolerate racism from my black friends.I’ll note that my “friend” has never applied for welfare / food stamps etc. despite having been eligible at times because he believes that it’s wrong, and that able-bodied people should work (and he does, often at two or more jobs at a time). That the leader he voted for doesn’t share that value had no moving effect.Despite my demonstrating to him (with links to government websites) that (under Obama):

*BLACK unemployment was up 50% (from 10% to 15%, with 20-24 yr olds black males @ 25%unemp.);
*REAL inflation was up about 20%, hurting lower income folks the most;
*Food Stamps recipients were up about 50%;
*the gap between rich and poor has expanded rapidly;  and,
*the President, despite campaigning in 2008 as a “uniter”, has exploited tensions between:

_black and white (his people play the race card);
_men and women (“war on women”);
_rich and poor (“fair share, fair share”); and
_people of faith vs. non-religious (disrespecting Israel & coddling Islamic countries).

I truly believe that MOST people presented with this information would have voted for Romney, but these numbers were never part of the true “dialogue” or campaign.I congratulate Obama for making Romney’s status as an uber-wealthy, married, religious, family-oriented white male who succeeded in business into enough of a negative that it tilted the election. And that’s what I’ve heard from many other Obama supporters – that Republicans can’t relate to “the little guy” –  they’re all about “big business”. Until Republicans can articulate how stimulating business through reducing regulations (and the scope of power in Washington) is good for everyone, they won’t take back the presidency. The Left has demonized the term “trickle down economics”, and it’s time that conservatives and liberty-minded folks begin labeling big government “trickle down politics”, as almost everyone understands that running massive amounts of money through the huge bureaucracy that is the U.S. Federal Government is not wise or efficient.   Almost everyone.

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