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A Proxy Fight For Next MeckGOP Chairman?


At last night’s annual MeckGOP precinct meeting, two candidates for MeckGOP introduced themselves to many of the voters who will select them at the March county convention for the party.

With Mecklenburg County having over 180,00 registered Republicans, controlling the local Party mechanism would be a nice bit of leverage to have for any politician, and it seems two of the biggest names in North Carolina politics have thrown proxies into the ring.

Igor Jablokov and Bradley Overcash both made their pitches for the chairmanship of the MeckGOP. Interestingly, neither gave a lot of information on what they had done for the local party to deserve the top spot. Instead, both focused on their connections to powerful elected officials.

Igor Jablokov has been a member of Governor Pat McCrory’s transition team and Bradley Overcash worked for Congressman Robert Pittenger back when he was in the NC State Senate.

The question is will the local party faithful pick one of these two men with strong establishment connections, or will someone else who has a longer history working the Party’s grassroots step forward?

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