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L.A. Cops Unload On Innocent, Unarmed Civilians


See the truck? See all the bullet holes in it? Those are from the firearms of two LA Police Officers who lit it up WHILE OCCUPIED by two innocent women delivering newspapers early yesterday morning. Both women were shot and taken to the hospital.


So why did the cops lay siege to the women and their truck without ANY warning?

Because the truck “looked similar” to a truck the police are looking for. A truck being driven by a solitary MALE suspect. Not by two WOMEN.  A truck that was a DIFFERENT make and model than this one.

In a separate officer-involved shooting with another blue truck (while looking for the same suspect), the Torrance police messed with the wrong guy. The innocent occupant shot back. Luckily, no one was injured before the “peace officers” realized they had the wrong guy.

In BOTH cases the police departments have now admitted NEITHER truck – nor the occupants – are connected to the suspect they are looking for.

Folks, you won’t put that many bullet holes in a truck with a 5 or 6 shot revolver before the occupant bails and draws your fire away from the truck.

You do that sort of damage in a very short time-span with a semi-automatic firearm loaded with a high-capacity magazine.

I count at least 28 holes in that truck and could easily be not seeing another 6 – 10 that are hidden from view. Assuming we can’t see only 6 holes, that’s 34 rounds emptied into the back of a truck and its occupants without provocation or warning. Why did I guess 34 rounds? Because there were TWO officers and the Glock Model 23 chambered in .40 caliber (a favorite of police departments) is capable of carrying a 17-round magazine, and 2 x 17 = 34.

In other words, the very people who say we should trust them to protect us and that we don’t need semi-automatic firearms with high-capacity magazines emptied both of their firearms on innocent, unarmed citizens. Now, consider this – by the nature of their job police officers cannot be charged or sued for shooting or killing innocent civilians who “get in the way” of an active police shooting. So, if we’re at a point where the police are comfortable with emptying their semi-auto high-cap magazines into vehicles and people without warning or even a HINT of violence from the occupants, and they can’t be charged with murder, do you NOW think we might have a need for the same type of firearms and magazine capacities they have?

I sure as hell do.

UPDATE: The Los Angeles Police Department has announced it will re-examine the firing of Chris Dorner while asking him to turn himself in an effort to properly clear his name. Obviously the LAPD doesn’t expect Dorner to turn himself in on the hope that a new hearing will clear his name and all will be forgiven. So…. what are the politics behind this? I don’t think it’s the LAPD reaching out to Dorner at all, but a “CYA” move to cover the (perhaps not-so-surprising) massive amount of negative attention coming to bear on the department from the citizens of LA. Along with Charlie Sheen offering to help Dorner (see the same article linked above), this is getting more interesting by the day.

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