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National Prayer Breakfast: Awesomeness From Dr. Benjamin S. Carson


Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John’s Hopkins University and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2008), spoke earlier this week at the National Prayer Breakfast, where he slammed political correctness, government-run education, the welfare and victim culture, nationalized health care, the national debt, and just about everything Democrats hold dear in terms of maintaining a dumb-ed down, apathetic voter base and citizenry.

An amazing speech in its own right, Carson pulled it off right in front of President Obama, who was forced to sit quietly through the entire event. The irony – when juxtaposed against the guest of honor, the content and context of his speech – is that Dr. Carson is an African-American born and raised in Detroit in dire poverty by a single mother who had only a third-grade education.

Two particularly snarky comments stood out to me. One, when Dr. Carson said he was going to continue to exercise his First Amendment rights while hoping he wouldn’t be shot (the implication being that he understood he was slamming the current administration and the Left’s raison d’etre in general), and two, when he said we now have four branches of government, the fourth being “Special Interests”.

Not only was it an amazing and inspirational speech; the look of disgust and pain on Obama’s face throughout speaks volumes about this man’s contempt for America and the ideals that made this nation great. It did not escape me that despite several rounds of applause from the audience, Obama could not even bring himself to clap once while the doctor was speaking.

It is undoubtedly one of the “must watch” speeches of the Obama era. Enjoy:

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