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Madness Abounds Here and Abroad


Marijuana. Bankers’ money. Guns.

WHO do these three things have in common? Well, I can think of one person: The President.

Obama has admitted he smoked marijuana habitually (“regularly” is the word he uses) as a teen, he’s accepted millions in campaign donations from the financial services industry, and, while being protected 24/7 by men with guns, he’s also in charge of the world’s larest military force. Fair to say, the man knows his pot, as well as the value of other people’s money and guns.

So what’s the point in lumping them together in reference to Obama?


1) Federal law says “pot” is illegal. Obama says prosecuting pot smokers is not “a top priority . . . in states that have determined that it’s legal.”

2) Federal law says the acts of fraud, perjury, money laudering and breaking and entering into people’s homes are illegal. All of which the TBTF banks have admitted to. The Sarbane-Oxley Act of 2002 says top executives of publicly held companies shall be held PERSONALLY criminally and/or civilly liable for making false statements on financial documents. However, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder says the Executive Branch will not prosecute the CEOs (and other officers) of these banks out of fear doing so could hurt the economy. Yes, these were not Obama’s words, but he’s the boss and Holder works for him.

3) During a meeting with officials from the NRA during his task force hearings on gun control Vice President Biden said the federal government doesn’t have the time or manpower to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals who break the law under existing federal guns laws. In other words, enforcement of the laws already on the books is too costly, yet he wants to add laws to the books. Of course we know not to listen to the VP’s advice on guns – twice now has he instructed us to break the law when it comes to warding off a home invasion with a firearm. Again, not Obama’s words, but where does the buck stop with this president?

4) Finally, despite enjoying the benefit of round the clock armed protection for his family and himself, Obama supports stronger federal gun laws and the ban of certain semi-automatic firearms. In contrast, seven states have already passed their own laws declaring the enforcement of federal gun laws in their states as illegal. Twenty-four addtional states have introduced bills to the same effect. These state laws will create a scenario where a firearm owner could be prosecuted under federal law for an act that is legal in his/her state. Not unlike the pot smoker who is legal in his state but breaking the law according the feds (hmmm . . . makes you wonder if we’re not actually in the same boat, right?).

So, Obama says breaking federal law is acceptable when the law-breakers are pot users, money men, and criminals who attempt to purchase firearms illegally.

But he wants to turn law-abiding, tax paying firearms owners into criminals. While enjoying the benefit of armed protection paid for by those same taxpayers.

I only have one question. What is he smoking? Oh wait . . . we already know the answer to that, don’t we?

Repeat after me:

The Rule of Law says the law applies to everyone equally, and everyone enjoys equal protection under the law.

The Rule of Man says the law applies to some but not others, and only favored parties enjoy protection under the law.

Folks, without the Rule of Law, no manner or amount of politics, morals, religion, money, philosophy, action or laws will solve our nation’s problems. Without the Rule of Law we will descend into tyranny at the hands of men who may or may not believe what you believe. It does not matter if you agree with them today or disagree with them tomorrow. Men who make up the rules as they go along, favoring only those that benefit them at a given point in time, will destroy our nation.

And that applies to Republicans as well as Democrats.


Meanwhile, over the weekend as a condition of receiving a bailout from the European Union (namely France and Germany), depositors – you know, the people who have money in a bank’s checking or savings accout – in the country of Cyprus were forced by their government to turn over up to TEN PERCENT of their money to the government. The government shut down ATMs and denied all withdrawal requests, focibly preventing savers from protecting their money. Folks, this is not a tax. This was pure out and out theft.

If this is where they’re at in Europe in regards to the available tools they have to deal with the ongoing financial crisis (yes, ongoing, they have not fixed a thing – there or here), it is apparent to me things are getting really, really bad. Writing this on Sunday, we’ll see how the markets react when they reopen tomorrow. I can assure you, it won’t be good.

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